Dry Fruits Mantha – An ayurvedic nourishing drink

Dry Fruits Mantha – An ayurvedic nourishing drink

Ayurvedic drinks, ayurvedic beveragesTexts of Ayurveda recommend various drinks to address health conditions naturally. These drinks will be usually easy to digest and pacify vitiated doshas. Mantha means mashed or well blended. The drink which is prepared by blending the ingredients well and diluting is known as Mantha. Here is an ayurvedic drink recipe which is nourishing and also cooling.


Soft dates – 20 grams

Dry grapes or Raisins – 20 grams

Figs – 20 grams

Water – one glass

Method of preparation: Soak the ingredients for an hour in required quantity of water. After one hour blend dry fruits in a mixer and add remaining water. Mix them well. Store this mix in a small earthen pot and allow it to cool. Drink this after 2 hours when it is cooled.

Benefits of this drink

The mashed dry fruits and cooled water mix together balance Vata and Pitta. This drink is usually recommended to people who are high in pitta.

Since it is cooled in earthen pot it acts as a body coolant. This drink quenches thirst immediately. Hence it is highly recommended in summer when intense sun rays dehydrate our body and make us to feel fatigued. This is a very soothing drink and hydrates the body immediately. The sugars in mashed dry fruits instantly energize the body and boost the strength.

Dry fruits are store houses of nutrients. They supply minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants. Hence this ayurvedic drink nourishes body and boost immunity level in summer. This drink is especially high in minerals which are very essential in anaemia. Persons who suffer from weakness and anaemia can use this ayurvedic beverage very often.

Figs, raisins and dates are very good aphrodisiac foods. Hence this drink is best ayurvedic remedy for erectile dysfunction. Men who are on treatment for low sperm count and motility can use this drink as it helps to increase sperm count.

Caution: People with diabetes must be very careful while using this drink as these dry fruits are high in sugar.