Erectile dysfunction due to old age – “Jaraja Klaibya”

Erectile dysfunction due to old age – “Jaraja Klaibya”

erectile dysfunction old age, old age erectile dysfunction.Acharya charaka has given a detailed answer for question What Causes Erectile Dysfunction in Older Males? . According to Charaka samhita the age related sexual dysfunction occurs due to following reasons.

•In old age man faces under nourishment due to various reasons. Reduced production of digestive juices, inability to chew food due to weak teeth, medications are few of these reasons. The tissues of male reproductive system fail to get adequate nutrients and this leads to erectile dysfunction.

•Decline in physical strength, psychological stress, low energy and diminished sensory and motor reflexes are other causes of sexual dysfunction due to old age.

•The above said factors reduce quantity and quality of semen causing impotence.

•But persons who regularly consume Vajikarana therapy to keep their tissues well nourished rarely face old age related erectile dysfunction. The vajikarana therapy increases libido and helps to maintain the shukra dhatu or semen at optimum level.

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