Erectile dysfunction due to Tissue Injury

erectile dysfunction ayurveda, erectile dysfunction caused by injury, erectile dysfunction causesAccording to texts of ayurveda, injury to male genital organ can cause erectile dysfunction. This injury may be due to trauma, infections, chronic diseases or imbalance of doshas . Thus when there is a failure to achieve proper supply of blood to male organ system, the erectile dysfunction sets in. This type of sexual dysfunction is known as “Dhwajabhanga claibya” in ayurveda. The reasons for this type of erectile dysfunction are explained in texts of ayurveda as follows.


Acidic Foods: Increased consumption of foods which are sour, saline and opposite in nature disturb natural balance of doshas. Intake of deep fried foods and fast foods which increase acidity also imbalance the body functions.

These foods create and acidic environment in body. When a body’s internal environment is acidic, it creates a convenient atmosphere for viruses and bacteria. These micro organisms enter the body and begin to flourish. This process lowers the body immunity, reduces body energy level, cause tiredness, frequent illness etc. Thus lowered body energy weakens the muscles of male genital organ causing erectile dysfunction

Irregular consumption of food: When food is not taken timely, it causes indigestion. According to principles of ayurveda indigestion causes accumulation of metabolic toxin “ama”. This sticky toxin blocks the movement of vital forces and imbalances transmission of nerve signals. This leads to sexual dysfunction in men.

Foods which are heavy to digest: Frequent consumption of heavy meal which cause indigestion and accumulation of body fat lead to obesity. This condition also causes accumulation of cholesterol in blood vessels. It is a known fact that increased cholesterol is the culprit behind erectile dysfunction. Apart from this obesity can also pave way for diabetes. Diabetes and erectile dysfunction go hand in hand, as diabetes damages nerve endings and affects blood supply.

Chronic diseases: Diseases like tuberculosis which cause emaciation can also damage male sexual function. In chronic diseases the tissues of body and male reproductive system are damaged due to undernourishment. This damage imbalances men health.

Trauma during intercourse: During intercourse male genital organ can suffer injuries. Improper lubrication, scratches, bites etc can damage tissues.

Apart from these unhygienic practices, having sexual relationship with diseased partner, trauma to genital area in accidents etc can also cause the above mentioned type of erectile dysfunction.