Exercises for Erectile Dysfunction

Exercises for erectile dysfunctionIntroduction

Apart from medicines and treatment few exercises like Pelvic floor exercise, cardio exercise and aerobic exercise.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is one of the common problems that affect many men, and it can be embarrassing and frustrating sometimes. This issue can be caused by many health conditions like diabetes (Read Erectile dysfunction in Diabetes  ), heart disease, low testosterone (Read Natural ways to increase testosterone  ), obesity (Read Relationship Between Obesity and Erectile Dysfunction  ), hormonal fluctuations, psychological issues, nerve damage, and blood flow problems. A professor of urology in a university of medicine describes that, men with erectile dysfunction experience a situation whereby their penis is a barometer of their overall body condition.

Texts of Ayurveda quote avyayama or not exercising as the cause of klaibya or sexual dysfunction. Hence a good exercise for 45 minutes daily is recommended to keep the sexual life active.

Exercises for erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction has often been treated with various medications from different systems of medicines. However, medication is not the only option for treating this problem. There are different exercises that have proved effective for erectile dysfunction remedy. A U.K study has shown that exercises such as pelvic exercises helped about 40% of men with erectile dysfunction recover from their ED and achieve healthy erection quality.

Pelvic muscle training has also been researched to help treat erectile dysfunction . This content will shed more light on these various exercises that have been studied to help erectile dysfunction conditions.

Exercises for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Regular exercises have been studied to help many health conditions and even overall body health. However, these below exercises will help men with erectile dysfunction:

  • Pelvic floor exercises: These exercises would not only help men with ED but also serve as an excellent remedy for premature ejaculation and also strengthen orgasms as studied by researchers. Pelvic floor exercises can be carried out by locating and exercising the muscles involved in the exercise. It is a simple stop and start of urine mid-stream flow. Once these muscles have been located, tighten and draw-in the muscles, making them lift upward due to stress concentration on them.

Pelvic floor exercises for erectile dysfunction

  • Sustain this for a count of five and release. Do this 8 – 10 times repeatedly but take a rest in between. Standard practice is to do 8 – 10 series and followed by 5 – 20 quick squeezes and releases. For the best result, it is recommended that the whole process should be carried out 4 – 5 times daily.

  • Aerobic exercises: Erectile dysfunction has been linked to issues such as hypertension, obesity, as well as diabetes, which reduce the flow of blood to the penis. Aerobic exercises were studied and confirmed by The American Journal of Cardiology publish to help treat ED. They contribute to improving blood flow in the penis and overall body systems; thereby cure erectile dysfunction.

aerobic exercises for erectile dysfunction

Examples of aerobic exercises are spinning, brisk walking, cardio machines, running, hiking, swimming, dancing, kickboxing, cross country skiing, and much more

  • Cardiovascular exercise: Cardio exercise can be defined as any activity or movement that raises the rate of heartbeat; thereby increasing the circulation of blood to various organs and tissues of the body. Studies show that regular cardiovascular exercise benefits the body in many health conditions such as erectile dysfunction, improves muscles tone, lowers blood pressure, improve sleep, and boosts energy levels. Twenty to thirty minutes of cardio exercise of any form is recommended 4 to 5 times weekly to help cure erectile dysfunction.

cardio vascular exercises for erectile dysfunction

  • There are various choices of cardiovascular exercise that can help your erectile dysfunction condition, depending on the one you enjoy most:

  • Swimming
  • Running
  • Brisk walking (Benefits of Daily Brisk Walking  )
  • Cross country skiing
  • Rowing
  • Use of an elliptical trainer
  • Biking
  • Cycling for about 3 hours
  • Yoga: According to researchers, one of the contributory factors to erectile dysfunction is stress. If your body and mind are disturbed, it can affect your sex drive in many forms. Exploring your body and mind connection through yoga is an excellent way to reduce stress and boost your sex organ erection.Yoga has been proven to improve the mental and physical health of the body by promoting healthy breathing and reduce any forms of tension in your body. Going for partnered yoga classes can help you get the correct yoga postures to aid the body in the circulation of blood to the pelvis and penis.

Yoga for erectile dysfunction

  • Weight Training: Another way to solve erectile dysfunction problem is through weight training. This activity has been discovered to improve the endothelium function which is one of the causes of erectile dysfunction.The endothelium is the blood vessels inner lining, and this tissue can work optimally and healthy through weight training. Incorporating weight training with cardiovascular training enhances bone strength and muscle mass to aid body stability and lower blood pressure.

weight training exercises for erectile dysfunction


Though it is hidden and one may not know if another person has it, erectile dysfunction is still a common health condition which is caused by many health reasons. Inability to stand up to your partner’s request in bed is a serious concern that needs to be addressed and not hid. There is no point to be ashamed of sharing your problem and look for a solution to your erectile dysfunction. Many have spent a reasonable amount of money in finding a solution to this problem, not knowing it can be easily treated with a simple lifestyle change and exercises.

Remedies such as changing habits, routines, diets, as well as exercises are available as natural means of curing erectile dysfunction. Texts of Ayurveda recommend Vajikarana Therapy as an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. This therapy includes preparations made of aphrodisiac herbs like ashwagandha, Gokshura (tribulus) , Kapikacchu (mucuna) , vidari kanda and many more.

However, this article has addressed the roles of exercises in treating erectile dysfunction. The key point to the treatment and prevention of erectile dysfunction is to ensure you keep your endothelium functional and healthy. Involving in physical exercises is the key to achieve this, and you will end up improving the health of your penis and heart at the same time. Try it and you will be glad you did.





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