How to Stop Food Craving ? – Ayurveda Tips

According to principles of ayurveda food cravings or sugar cravings arise when there is a pitta imbalance. Pitta balancing is very important in weight loss and can be achieved using few herbs and spices.

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About food and sweet craving

Ayurvedic Tips to Stop Food Cravings or Sugar Cravings

About food and sweet craving

The craving for salty (lavana rasa ) ( Read Lavana Rasa – The salty taste in ayurveda
), sweet (madhura rasa) ( Read Ayurveda Sweet Taste – Madhura Rasa ) , or fatty foods has researched to weaken the willpower of diet and stopping it sometimes may seem impossible. One time, you are free and stick to your healthy diet; another time, you find yourself longing for your desire and craving chocolate with butter ( Read Ayurveda Says Butter is Better- Importance of Butter in Ayurveda) icing or other unhealthy foods you have been avoiding. All these sweet, salty, fatty or crunchy foods are studied to frustrate our effort to lose weight.

A study showed that about 91% of women experience a kind of intense food cravings. Food craving was researched to be fuelled by one of the brain chemicals known as dopamine, and it is usually released when you consume sweet, salty, fatty, or crunchy foods that stimulate a rush of euphoria that brain seeks repeatedly.

How can this craving be stopped so this natural cycle would not sabotage your effort to shed unwanted weight gain? This article has put together some ayurvedic strategies to adopt in stopping craving for unwanted foods. Let’s discuss it.

Ayurvedic Tips to Stop Food Cravings or Sugar Cravings

Food craving is a serious problem that needs to be tackled before it eats deep into the body. You can overcome weight gain ( Read Brimhana Therapy an Ayurveda Way to Gain Weight ) by defeating your cravings for unhealthy foods. Apart from this, there are other benefits of overcoming food cravings. Hence, the need to stop it before it stops you. Below are the eleven top ayurvedic tips to stop food cravings for your overall health.

Always eat healthy breakfast:

This strategy has been found helpful in stopping food craving in many ways. A focused meal that contains protein and fiber is a good start to stop food craving throughout the day. Based on the individual, cravings are part of blood sugar cycle lows and highs that can be tackled the moment it surfaces in the morning.

According to ayurveda Pitta ( read Ayurveda Pitta Dosha , Its Types, Pitta Diet ) and Agni (digestive fire or metabolism) ( read Ayurveda Agni or Body Fire or Metabolism and Digestion Process ) go on increasing from morning to reach peek at noon. To balance these the two factors a well balanced break fast has to be taken in morning to prevent imbalance. A balanced pitta and agni prevent cravings.

Don’t skip meals:

Another secret to stopping food and sugar cravings is to eat meal as scheduled. This aids your hunger management that prevents unusual food cravings. Ensure you eat as planned and avoid casual eating.

Even ayurveda dinacharya or ayurvedic daily routine emphasises on this to keep ourselves healthy.

Get enough sleep:

Studies show that inadequate or loss of sleep (Read Ayurvedic Remedies, Medicines and Tips for Good Sleep) in the night results in cravings due to hunger during the day. Having enough rest could help you in your quest to stop food cravings.

Don’t make the foods you crave accessible:

If you know you always crave for chocolate, don’t buy or keep it at home or in office. This reduces the chances of being tempted to eat it. If you are craving for a particular food and it is not at your disposal, study shows that with time, the craving will go and you will be in control of your appetite. To help the matter, you can make available healthy options to take in place of those foods. Ensure you prepare for the time, and you will see it works.

Incorporate cravings into your diet:

If you must eat your craving foods, try to incorporate them into your meals with allowance and never taken them alone or eat separately in the middle of your meal. This has helped many to lose weight and live healthy lives.

Pay attention to your craving triggers:

Take a critical evaluation of that thing or activities that trigger your cravings. For instance, some emotions such as stress or depression may trigger your cravings. Once you discover your craving triggers, efficient management of those conditions will go a long way in stopping your cravings.

Avoid getting hungry:

Hunger has been studied to be one of the key reasons we crave for unhealthy foods. If you want to overcome food cravings, avoid extremely getting famished before you eat. Prevention is better than cure. Prepare to eat in time to avoid any appearances of craving in your daily dealings. Making some healthy snack available may help in case you may be in an environment without food.

Take healthy alternatives:

Since you know the food you are craving for, eating the healthy options is another way to silent the craving at the moment. For example, if you are always craving for sweet treats at a particular time, having some fruits or a light yogurt available could prevent an extreme craving for sweet treats. Based on Roberts’s advice, the best strategy to replace your craving is to settle for healthier alternatives such as food or snack with more fiber and fewer calories. This helps you to fill up the same taste, but this time, it digests more slower to reduce your craving over time.

Vary your diet:

Just because you are on a particular diet does not imply you shouldn’t be satisfying. Studies show that sticking to a diet can make you feel unfulfilled, which may later defeat your goal of counting your calories as the case may be. You need varieties to be incorporated into your diet. Try new food combinations or dishes to stop food cravings.

Apply mindful eating:

It is a way of learning to distinguish between actual hunger and cravings; thereby assisting you to choose the right response. This is a kind of meditation related to foods and eating. It helps train you to differentiate between cravings and real hunger. It directly concerns with awareness of hunger, eating habits, emotional, physical

Vary your diet:

Just because you are on a particular diet does not imply you shouldn’t be satisfying. Studies show that sticking to a diet can make you feel unfulfilled, which may later defeat your goal of counting your calories as the case may be. You need varieties to be incorporated into your diet. Try new food combinations or dishes to stop food cravings.

sensations, and cravings. Mindful eating means that you live while you eat, taking time to chewing every chewable food slowly and mindfully. When eating, ensure you avoid any form of distractions such as your smartphone, TV, and much more.

Keep a food journal:

Tracking your eating habits through record has been shown to help stoppage of food cravings.

A food journal is where to record nutrient content of each food consumed daily to discover how you feel with each of them. It helps you to know the time of the day you have stronger cravings than other days. It also contributes to being conscious of controlling yourself against cravings.

Consume Herbs:

Consuming few herbs like amla ( Read Ayurveda Medicinal Properties and Uses of Amla ), cinnamon ( Read Ayurveda Health Benefits of Cinnamon), fennel seeds ( Read Ayurveda Health Benefits of Fennel or Saunf ), etc help to prevent food cravings. Bitter melon (karela) ( Read Ayurveda Health Benefits of Bitter Gourd or Bitter Melon (Karela)) , almost all beans, ginger ( Read Ayurveda Health Benefits of Ginger ), turmeric ( Read Ayurveda Health Benefits of Turmeric (Haldi) ), pumpkin seeds, Black cardamom (badi elaichi) ( Read Benefits of Black Cardamom or Badi Ilaichi in Weight Loss, PCOS and Diabetes ), Triphala, garcinia or vrukshamla ( Read Ayurveda Health Benefits of Garcinia Cambogia or Vrukshamla) etc help to prevent food cravings and sugar cravings.  The ayurvedic Weight Loss Herbal Tea contains herbs which prevent food craving. The best ayurvedic Weight Loss Capsules also contain ayurvedic herbs which help to prevent hunger pangs and they both help in weight management.


Food cravings are common, and it is not a serious problem, but it can turn to more dangerous issues if they are not stopped. It has been linked with many problems such weight gain, high sugar levels, food addiction, binge eating and much more. An average of 50% of people suffers food cravings. However, knowing your cravings and their associated triggers give you an edge over their avoidance and stoppage. This content has shared the needed tips to help you in your quest to stop your cravings. Follow them and thank me later.

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