Geranium – Benefits For Skin

Geranium plant also known as panneer ele or panneer soppu in kannada. Its origin is traced back to Egypt. Europeans gardeners used this plant to ward off evil spirits. The culinary use of geranium leaves is popular in some part of world. In India it is usually used in between floral garlands to enhance the aroma. The mixed aroma of jasmine flowers and geranium gives a divine feeling. The oil extracted from leaves of this plant is known as geranium essential oil. Aroma therapists use this essential oil in beauty therapies. Various research have shown that this plant has Anti-inflammatory, antitumoral, antibacterial, antifungal, antispasmodic, antiseptic, astringent, antidepressant, sedative and insect repellant properties. Hence this oil is widely used to treat skin conditions like dry skin, psoriasis, acne, itchy skin, wrinkles etc. The fragrance of this plant reduces stress and elevates mood.

Texts of ayurveda explain many ways to extract the active ingredients of plant parts which can be used therapeutically. Through these methods you can make various preparations at home which help in many health conditions. Few beauty recipes using geranium leaves are given here.

How to make anti aging body massage oil at home with geranium leaves?

Geranium oil is known to be effective in all skin conditions. It makes the skin look young and radiant. Its anti aging effect and skin detoxing properties makes this oil a popular ingredient in personal care products. Mix 45-50 drops of geranium essential oil to 150 ml of carrier oils like coconut oil or sesame oil. Take an airtight bottle to store this oil. First fill the bottle half way with carrier oil then add essential oil . Now pour the remaining oil and close the lid. Turn it over several times to ensure good mixing. Leave some space above the oil in container to allow oil to breath.

How to make a natural skin freshener for oily skin?

Take 5-10 leaves of geranium and wash them well. Put these leaves in 100 ml of pure water and gently heat in low flame. Turn off the flame when water starts boiling. Cover the container and allow the leaves to steep. Filter this after 4 hours and transfer the geranium water to a small sprayer dispenser. Keep this sprayer in your bag and use as and when you feel your face sticky. This helps to keep oily skin fresh.

Geranium steam -A best remedy for acne and pimple

Geranium is very good for acne and pimple. Cut 4-5 geranium leaves into small pieces. Put these pieces in boiling water and steam your face. The antimicrobial property of geranium helps to cleanse the opened pores and its fragrance reduces the stress.