Hair Care according to seasons

winter hair care home remedies, summer hair care home remedies, monsoon hair care, ayurveda hair careHair care in winter and home remedies:
As the weather is cold and less humid during winters, sweating is considerably reduced. Therefore hair becomes less greasy and dirty. It does not require shampooing that often, so avoid over shampooing as this removes the vital natural oils. As the weather is naturally dry, take care to ensure that hair does not become too dry. To prevent dryness oil massage once a week is recommended. One should also use conditioners more frequently to maintain moisture levels.

  • During winter use a good hair conditioner daily. After applying good hair conditioner, lock the moisture by running the hair through cold water. This closes the hair cuticle and locks the moisture in .
  • Allow your hair to dry naturally in winter.
  • Do not go out with wet hair. This encourages splitting of hair.
  • During winter limit the use of blow driers and curling iron.
  • Cover your hair with a scarf or cap or hat. Take care not to wear too tight scarf, hat or cap. This restricts circulation to scalp.
  • Always wash your hair with warm or cool water. Hot water shower damages skin and hair.
  • Massage your hair with aloe Vera juice. This replenishes moisture. Aloe Vera hair style gels are best choice
  • Massage the scalp and hair with hair oil infused with vata balancing and hair friendly herbs.
  • Do this twice in a week. Do not leave your hair as winter damages the hair strands. Put a knot or plait it.

Hair care in summer and home remedies:
The summer means heat, pollution and the inevitable sweat. The pores of the skin try to relive and cool the body by sweating. The scalp is no different. However, unlike the rest of the body where sweat evaporates easily, what makes sweat on the scalp more difficult to deal with is that it is harder for it to dry, as it is covered with hair. Because of pollution and sweat, hair needs to be washed more frequently in summer. On order to ensure that hair is not damaged by excessive washing, use a mild shampoo. It is also important to ensure that hairstyles is comfortable and keeps the neck free form hair. Long hair can be tied off the nape of the neck. However, it is important to leave the hair open for sometime in order to let it dry out as excessive sweat and moisture can damage it. it is also advisable to use henna, as it removes extra oil and cools the scalp.

Hair care during the monsoon and home remedies:
Hair requires more attention during the rainy season, because of the additional humidity. Because of the additional moisture in air during monsoon hair becomes oily and falls flat without any bounce. Usually, the texture of the hair becomes dull and lifeless. As the scalp sweats constantly, itchiness and scratching cause discomfort and hair loss. The seasonal hair loss does not require any treatment as the hair grows back again once the season is over. Avoid using mousse, gels and conditioners as far as possible. Also try not to have any chemical treatment done to hair during these months. Henna is a good conditioner to remove excessive oil and moisture.


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