Health benefits of cumin seeds

cumin seed health benefits, cumin seeds induce labor, cumin seeds for indigestionCumin seeds or jeera are easily available on kitchen shelves. Health benefits of cumin seed are numerous. This spice is extensively used in ayurvedic preparations. Here are few home remedies which can help to harness the medicinal properties of this seed.

  1. White colored variety of this spice is known for its galactogogue properties. It is given to lactating mothers to increase milk secretion. 10-30 seeds of this seed is mixed with a tea spoon of jaggery and is chewed by lactating mother.
  2. In urinary disorders like urinary calculi (stones in urinary tract), dysuria (difficulty to pass urine) etc a mixture of cumin seed powder and sugar is given.
  3. Cumin seeds are known to correct disorders of digestion. In conditions like indigestion, bloating constipation, loss of appetite, flatulence 1 tea spoon of roasted and powdered seeds has to be consumed with equal quantity of honey, two times daily.
  4. The same powder helps to reduce white discharge from vaginal canal. But it has to be taken in increased quantity with milk or ghee.
  5. It is customary in India to serve hot tea made from these seeds to the woman who just started getting labor pains. It balances vata and helps in progression of labor pain without any complications.
  6. In conditions like tuberculosis, typhoid, malaria etc the fever continues for many days. In such chronic conditions 1 tea spoon of roasted and powdered cumin seeds have to be consumed with luke warm water three times daily.
  7. Texts of ayurveda recommend application of paste of cumin seeds on skin lesions and inflamed joints.
  8. The fresh paste of cumin seeds help to increase fairness when applied as face pack.
  9. The water boiled with jeera can be used to wash face. This helps to reduce wounds, acne and scars.
  10. Pepper and cumin seeds are roasted and powdered together. This powder is consumed along with honey or warm water in empty stomach to digest ama or body toxins. This is done for three days, before starting any ayurveda therapy like Vajikarana therapy.
  11. Cumin or jeera is a powerful fat burning spice. Jeera water helps to clear body channels. It is very useful for women who suffer from PCOS. Jeera water is the best ayurvedic home remedy for PCOS. Men who suffer from obesity and low sperm count are also benefited by this as cumin seeds aid weight loss.

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