Ayurveda Health Benefits of Jeera or Cumin Seeds

Ayurveda vaidyas recommend to use Jeera or cumin seeds in treatment for erectile dysfunction, sperm count, PCOS or PCOD, Weight Loss and Psoriasis.

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Jeera or Cumin Seeds in Ayurveda

Ayurveda Health Benefits and Uses of Jeera or Cumin seeds

Cumin seeds or jeera for weight loss

Jeera or cumin seeds for erectile dysfunction and Low Sperm Count

Cumin seeds water for pcos, pregnancy and lactation

Jeera water for psoriasis, acne, pimple and fairness

Cumin uses in problems of digestive system

In Cold , Cough, Cystitis and UTI

Jeera or Cumin Seeds in Ayurveda

Cumin seeds or jeera are easily available on kitchen shelves. Health benefits of cumin seed are numerous. This spice is extensively used in ayurvedic preparations.

Cummin seeds or jeera are seeds of flowering plant Cuminum Cyminum . This plant, native of east India and east Mediterranean, belongs to family Apeaceae.  The herbaceous plant Cuminum Cyminum  grows to a height of 20- 30 cms. Leaves of this plant are pinnate and bear thread like leaflets.

The seeds of Cuminum Cyminum have gained their place as main spice in Indian, African, Chinese, Cuban and Mexican cuisines, due to their distinctive popular aroma. It is mainly used to spice and season variety of dishes like curries, chutneys, masalas etc. It is extensively used in India to season dishes. Due to  its numerous medicinal properties, jeera is used as an ingredient in many home remedies and ayurvedic preparations. The strong aroma of jeera or cumin seeds is due to the presence of compound cuminaldehyde

This spice has been praised as jeeraka , jarana and ajaaji for its medicinal qualities in ayurvedic texts. These names refer to its carminative and digestive properties. According ayurvedic principles these seeds balance vata dosha and kapha dosha.

These seeds have various LOCAL NAMES (in India) : Jeera (Hindi), Jeera (Bengali), Jeere (Marathi), Cumin Seeds (English), cheerakam (Tamil), Jeerige (Kannada), Jeeru (Gujarati)

Ayurveda Health Benefits and Uses of Jeera or Cumin seeds:

According to ayurveda the medicinal properties are explained as follows

Jeera or cumin seeds for erectile dysfunction, cumin seeds sperm count, cumin seeds water for pcos, cumin seeds or jeera for weight loss, jeera water for psoriasis
Jeera is spicy or pungent to taste (katu rasa) and lite to digest. It dries up tissues (rooksha) and is hot in potency. As said earlier it increases pitta, balances vata and kapha. It increases agni  or digestive power.

Cumin seeds or jeera for weight loss

Apart from kindling appetite, it digests food and normalizes vata in digestive system. It also helps to balance kapha dosha and boosts agni or metabolism. These properties help in weight management. Its tissue drying properties help to reduce medha dhatu or body fat. Cumin or jeera is a powerful fat burning spice. Jeera water helps to clear body channels.

Jeera or cumin seeds for erectile dysfunction and Low Sperm Count

Men who suffer from obesity related erectile dysfunction and low sperm count are also benefited by this as cumin seeds aid weight loss.

Pepper and jeera are roasted in proportion of 1:4 and powdered together. This powder is consumed along with honey or warm water in empty stomach to digest ama or body toxins. This is done for three days, before starting any ayurveda therapy like Vajikarana therapy.

Cumin seeds water for pcos, pregnancy and lactation

Cumin is eulogised as ” garbhashaya shuddhikara”, which means these seeds act as uterus cleansing agents and also shows its effectiveness on female reproductive system by reducing inflammation of uterus and also purifies blood. It is very useful for women who suffer from PCOS. Jeera water is the best ayurvedic home remedy for PCOS. Boil a tea spoon of jeera in 500 ml of water, till it reduces to 250 ml. Allow this to cool. Drink this twice daily after food.

White colored variety is eulogized for its galactogog properties. (Increases milk production in lactating mothers). It is given to lactating mothers to increase milk secretion. 10-30 seeds of this seed is mixed with a tea spoon of jaggery and is chewed by lactating mother.

Water boiled with ground jeera has to be given regularly to lactating mothers. This increases breast milk and reduces inflammation of uterus.

2 tea spoon of roasted and powdered seeds have to be consumed with equal quantity of  ghee and a glass of warm milk. This remedy also helps in leucorrhoea or white discharge.

It is customary in India to serve hot tea made from these seeds to the woman who just started getting labor pains. It balances vata and helps in progression of labor pain without any complications.

Jeera water for psoriasis, acne, pimple and fairness

These seeds are praised as “kushtaghna”, which means, it helps to heal skin ailments. It is a skin friendly herb and reduces itching. Jeera water can be used to wash psoriasis patches.

Black cumin or Krishna jeeraka is used my naturopaths to heal psoriasis. Black cumin seed oil is used as external application for psoriasis. These seeds can be chewed to heal this condition from inside.

A fine paste of cumin seeds (cumin seeds ground with water), when applied on boils or aching body parts , joints gives relief from pain.

The fresh paste of cumin seeds help to increase fairness when applied as face pack.

The water boiled with jeera can be used to wash face. This helps to reduce wounds, acne and scars.

In problems of digestive system

Mouth Freshener

Boil ground jeera in water and allow it to cool down. Add a pinch of cardamom to filtered jeera water. Gargling with this flavoured water helps to keep the mouth fresh, heals mouth ulcers and eliminates foul smell.

In Bleeding Gums

Roast jeera without oil till it warm. Grind this to a fine powder along with rock salt. Massage gums with this powder. This helps to prevent bleeding from gums and strengthens them.

In Indigestion, flatulance, IBS and Diarrhoea

Boil a tea spoon of jeera in a glass of water, allow it to cool. Consuming this water frequently relieves indigestion and flatulence.

Cumin seeds are known to correct disorders of digestion. In conditions like indigestion, bloating constipation, loss of appetite, flatulence 1 tea spoon of roasted and powdered seeds has to be consumed with equal quantity of honey, two times daily.

Mix a spoon of ground roasted cumin seeds ,½ spoon of fresh  ginger juice and a pinch of rock salt or sendha namak in a glass of butter milk. Frequent consumption of this butter milk helps to relieve piles and soothes inflamed intestine.

Patients suffering from irritable bowel syndrome or IBS can use pomegranate juice mixed with roasted and ground jeera powder. This helps to reduce frequency of stools and soothes colon.

In Cold , Cough, Cystitis and UTI

A tea prepared by boiling cumin seeds and a small piece of fresh ginger help to give relief in common cold.

In conditions like tuberculosis, typhoid, malaria etc the fever continues for many days. In such chronic conditions 1 tea spoon of roasted and powdered cumin seeds have to be consumed with luke warm water three times daily.

In urinary disorders like urinary calculi (stones in urinary tract), dysuria (difficulty to pass urine), cystitis and UTI etc a mixture of cumin seed powder and sugar is given.

How to Roast Jeera for Medicinal Purpose

Precaution has to be taken while roasting cumin seeds .Cumin seeds have to be roasted in low heat till it becomes warm and should be taken off from stove when it is sufficiently warm to touch. This precaution helps to prevent the escape of volatile compounds of jeera.

Botanical Description of – Jeera Cuminum Cyminum

BOTONICAL NAME : Cuminum Cyminum
FAMILY:  Apiaceae
STRUCTURE: The Cuminum Cyminum plant is a herbacious plant
Stem : slender, branched The mature stems may vary from 20 to 30 cms .
Leaf :Pinnate or Bipinnate and contain leaflets which are threadlike
HABITAT: Needs hot Climate to grow. Grown mainly in Egypt, India, Mexico, North Africa, China
CHEMICAL COMPOSITION : Contains cuminaldehyde, protein, carbohydrate, minerals, vitamins.

Ayurvedic Description of Jeeraka – Cuminum Cyminum

SANSKRIT NAME : Jeeraka, jarana, ajaaji
LOCAL NAMES(in India) :Jeera (Hindi), Jeera(Bengali), Jeere (Marathi), Cumin Seeds (English), cheerakam (Tamil), Jeerige (Kannada), Jeeru (Gujarati)
Guna :- Laghu, ruksha
Rasa :- Katu rasa
Veerya :-Ushna
Vipaka :- katu
KARMA (Action) :
Increases pitta normalize vata & kpha. A good carminative, digestive & galactogauge . Recommended in nursing mothers, indigestion, inflammation of uterus, reduced appetite.

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