Health Benefits of Garlic in Ayurveda

Ayurveda recommends garlic for erectile dysfunction, diabetes, pcos, weight loss and to improve sperm health.

Garlic ( Allium Sativum) belongs to the family Liliaceae. The plant has leaves which are long, narrow and flat like grass. The bulb is of a compound nature, consisting of numerous bulblets , known technically as ‘cloves’ grouped together between the membranous scales and enclosed within a whitish skin, which holds them as in a sac .

It is referred to by different names in ayurveda . The names describe its qualities. It is known as Rasona (Rasena vunaha = as it is devoid of amla rasa or sour taste), Ugraghandhi ( ugra Gandhi = as it has strong pungent smell ),

Garlic contains pungent, volatile, essential oil. This oil is a sulphide of radical Allyl. The intensely smelling allyl compound has such a diffusive property that even when the crushed bulb is rubbed to the soles of the feet, its odor is exhaled by the lungs after some time.

Garlic in Mythalogy

Ancient greeks used to place garlic on stones at cross roads as a supper for Hecate (Greek goddess of the three paths, guardian of the household, protector of everything newly born, and the goddess of witchcraft ). According to Pliny garlic and onion were invoked as deities by the Egyptians while taking oaths.

According to a Mohammedan legend ‘when Satan stepped out from the Garden of Eden after the fall of man, Garlic sprang up from the spot where he placed his left foot, and Onion from that where his right foot touched.’

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Health benefits of garlic in Ayurveda,
Garlic for erectile dysfunction and sperm health,
Garlic for pcos,
Ayurvedic Home Remedies with garlic
Who should not use Garlic ?

Health benefits of garlic in Ayurveda,

Pharmacological Properties

Texts of Ayurveda explain pharmacological properties of this herb as follows.

health benefits of garlic in Ayurveda, ayurvedic health benefits of garlic, garlic ayurvedic properties, garlic , garlic for erectile dysfunction, garlic for pcos, garlic for diabetes, garlic for weight loss, garlic for sperm health

It enhances stickiness of tisses (Snigdha) and has hot potency (ushna) .It can penetrate deep into tissues (teekshna) , and is heavy to digest, (guru). Its medicinal constituents spread very quickly in body (sara) . It has 5 rasas madhura rasa, (sweet taste), katu rasa (pungent) , tikta rasa (bitter), Kashaya rasa (astringent) and lavana rasa (salty) . But it does not have amla rasa (sour taste).

Effect on Doshas

It reduces kapha dosha and vata dosha but it should be used with lot of precautions in persons who have pitta dosha as major prakruti and in patients who are suffering from rakta, pitta disorders.

Medicinal Action and Uses

According to acharya charaka the health benefits of this spice herb are as follows

health benefits of garlic in Ayurveda, ayurvedic health benefits of garlic, garlic ayurvedic properties, garlic , garlic for erectile dysfunction, garlic for pcos, garlic for diabetes, garlic for weight loss, garlic for sperm health

Acharya charaka has said that garlic is an effective remedy in conditions like intestinal worm infestations, skin disorders, low libido and erectile dysfunction.

Acharya Sushruta has appreciated the uses of this herb in skin disorders, low libido and erectile dysfunction. It also improves memory, modulates voice, enhances complexion, improves eye sight, strengthens bones and joints, improves digestion and regularizes bowel movement. It is very useful in cardiac diseases too.

Garlic for Erectile Dysfunction and sperm health

From ages garlic is being used as remedy to improve sexual power of men. It is recommended for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.Garlic is said to be a tonic for impotence. It also treats sexual debility caused by over indulgence in sex and nervous exhaustion. It is said to be very useful in older men.

Garlic has always been known as an aphrodisiac. It can improve blood circulation significantly. According to recent studies an enzyme called nitric oxide synthase (NOS) appears to be responsible for the mechanism of erection. Researches on garlic have shown that garlic can stimulate production of this enzyme.

Let us have a peek at causes of Erectile Dysfunction and low sperm health, in men and role of garlic in evading these causes.

Cholesterol can cause Sexual Dysfunction:

Increased blood cholesterol level causes formation of plaques in arteries. Arteries in male organ are not an exception to this. Formation of cholesterol plaques in penile arteries reduce blood flow and cause sexual dysfunction. Research have shown that garlic helps in reducing blood cholesterol level and cholesterol build ups. Thus garlic acts as an excellent ayurvedic medicine in erectile dysfunction caused due to elevated blood cholesterol.

High Blood Pressure can affect erections

High blood pressure is also responsible for erectile dysfunction. Usage of garlic aid in normalising blood pressure and improve blood flow through arteries.

Diabetes leads to Erectile Dysfunction and low sperm count

health benefits of garlic in Ayurveda, ayurvedic health benefits of garlic, garlic ayurvedic properties, garlic , garlic for erectile dysfunction, garlic for pcos, garlic for diabetes, garlic for weight loss, garlic for sperm health

Various research show that garlic contains more than 400 phytochemical components. These attribute to its immense medicinal properties. Many naturopaths opine that garlic helps in regulating blood glucose level. Diabetes causes erectile dysfunction by reducing erections. Garlic, due to its blood sugar regulating property associated with aphrodisiac property helps to overcome erectile dysfunction in diabetes ( Also know about Diabetes Vajikarana Therapy , a treatment for Erectile Dysfunction in diabetes ).

Obesity can damage Sexual Function and reduce sperm health

Health experts have witnessed innumerable cases in which weight loss has helped gaining back lost sexual energy and stamina. Obesity leads to low testosterone levels (Know natural ways to increase testosterone) and leads low libido. Regular use of garlic accelerates weight loss and also supplies plenty of anti-oxidants. This improves sexual function, sexual energy and stamina. Thus garlic is best indian ayurvedic home remedy for erectile dysfunction.

Stress is the major Obstacle in Sexual Life:

Men health experts point their fingers towards stress as a major cause for erectile dysfunction. Stress causes fatigue which in turn causes sexual dysfunction. Garlic is a restorative herb and plays a major role in balancing stressful life. It protects the body from side effects of stress and serves as a tonic. It boosts energy levels and improves stamina. Egyptians used to give garlic to their slaves to improve their energy and reduce fatigue. Use of garlic also improves life expectancy.

How to use Garlic for erectile dysfunction ?

Garlic can be used with milk or honey to get maximum benefits . 2 medium sized cloves of raw garlic per day is the best dosage.

Garlic milk :

Read the garlic milk recipe Benefits of Garlic Milk An Ayurveda Recipe for Erectile Dysfunction and Low sperm count

Garlic and Honey for erectile dysfunction :

Honey (Read Do Lemon and Honey Reduce body fat ?) contains plenty of vitamin C .A study have shown that garlic and vitamin C help to control blood pressure and also improves erectile dysfunction. Place 20 cloves of garlic in a glass jar. Pour honey into this jar till it covers garlic cloves. Mix it well. Consume 1 crushed clove in morning and 1 in evening along with a tea spoon of honey in empty stomach. Do not forget to crush the clove before consuming.

Garlic for pcos

In Pcos obesity and increased blood cholesterol are main symptoms. Garlic helps in reduction of meda dhatu (body fat) and this aids in weight loss. As said earlier garlic helps in reducing blood sugar level. This helps in PCOS or PCOD

As an antibiotic:

Many marvelous effects and healing powers have been ascribed to Garlic. Garlic is popularly known as nature’s antibiotic.As an antiseptic, its use has long been recognized. It is very effective against fungus, Yeast and viral infections. It is said to prevent anthrax in cattle, being largely used for the purpose.

As an expectorant:

Garlic reduces increased kapha. Garlic syrup is an excellent medicine for asthma, hoarseness of voice, coughs, difficulty in breathing, and most other disorders pertaining to the lungs. As this promotes expectoration it is very useful in chronic bronchitis. Garlic is a very good remedy for whooping cough.

As a cholesterol reducing agent:

Many publications have shown that garlic supports the cardiovascular system. According to them it lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood, inhibits platelet stickiness and slows blood coagulation. It is mildly antihypertensive and has antioxidant activity. Half a clove of raw garlic consumed each day can increase body activity to dissolve blood clots, thereby preventing heart attacks and strokes.

As an antihypertensive:

Garlic is considered as one of the most effective remedies to lower blood pressure. It eases the spasm of small arteries and reduces the pressure on them. Taking garlic juice with fresh water regularly reduces high blood pressure

As a remedy in digestive disorders

Garlic stimulates peristaltic action and the secretion of the digestive juices. It eliminates body toxins. It has an antimicrobial effect and is an excellent remedy for intestinal infections. It expels intestinal worms. Used in cookery it is a great aid to digestion, and keeps the mucosal coats of the stomach healthy.

As an anti inflammatory:

Garlic has anti-inflammatory properties. It is effectively used to cure arthritis, migraine and other inflammatory conditions.

Garlic in skin Disorders:

A regular consumption of garlic purifies blood and reduces minor skin infections.

Garlic and cancer:

Few studies suggest that eating garlic regularly reduces the risk of esophageal, colon and stomach cancer. This may be partly due to garlic’s ability to reduce the formation of carcinogenic compounds.

Garlic in pregnancy

New research shows that consuming garlic during pregnancy can reduce the risk of raised blood pressure in pregnancy (Pre-eclampsia). Studies have shown that garlic may help to boost the birth-weight of babies.

Action of garlic in Herpes:

In future garlic may find its place in treatment of genital herpes. It was found that the oral or topical application of garlic or garlic extract markedly reduced the outbreak of the genital herpes virus.

Garlic Home Remedies

Garlic Home Remedies for Hair Loss and Dandruff Control:

Come winter the dry scalp condition surfaces. Dry scalp exaggerates dandruff. Eating garlic in diet helps to strengthen the scalp skin from inside. Garlic can be used in chutneys, salads or curries. Garlic can also be applied externally on scalp. Peel around 4 cloves of garlic. Crush these garlic cloves and leave for 5 minutes. Warm these cloves in ½ cup of pure coconut oil on a stove top. Discard the garlic cloves and massage the scalp with warm garlic oil.

Garlic Home Remedies For Ear Ache:

Earache is very common in cold winter seasons. Itchy throat and blocked ears with earache are common symptoms of cold. Crush two pods of garlic and leave them in air for few minutes. Wrap these crushed pods in clean cotton ball and place this cotton ball inside your ears. Take care not to push it too deep.

Garlic Home Remedies for Cold, Cough and Asthma:

Crush 2 cloves of garlic and leave it in air for 10 minutes. Mix this with two tea spoons of honey and a pinch of rock salt. Place this mixture on tongue and allow it to slowly pass through your throat. Don’t try this in empty stomach as it may increase acidity. Another best way is to mix minced garlic in hot soups and savour in cold winter. Garlic helps in cold and cough as it has anti-viral properties. Grind few cloves of garlic and pour ¼ cup of boiled water on it. Add this infusion to sugar syrup . This is an excellent cough expectorant to children and elderly adults. Garlic juice taken with hot water twice a daily relieves asthma attacks. Three cloves of garlic boiled with milk taken every day at night cures productive cough and bronchitis. 10 drops of garlic juice with 2 teaspoon of honey reduces the acuteness of asthmatic symptoms. It can also be administered at the time of attack.

Garlic Home Remedies For Joint Pains:

Since garlic has anti-inflammatory properties, it helps in reducing pain in joints. Here is a traditional way to prepare this remedy. Slit cloves of garlic and remove its sprout. Soak these in butter milk overnight. Wash these garlic cloves next day and mince them with little sesame oil. Store this mixture in an airtight container. Swallow a small ball of this garlic daily with warm water in empty stomach. This relieves joint pain. A clove or two of Garlic, pounded with honey and taken two or three nights successively, is effective rheumatism.

Garlic Joint Pain Oil:

Crush 3 pods of garlic and leave them for 10 minutes. Warm these pods in 10 ml of sesame oil. Massage this warm oil on aching joints. Do not use this oil if your skin is sensitive to garlic.

Apart from these remedies garlic is also used in medicinal recipes like garlic coconut chutney, Dates and carrot salad etc. Garlic is widely used in Vajikarana Therapy. Vajikarana Therapy is for men who have erectile dysfunction, low sperm count and low testosterone level.

Who should not use Garlic ?

  1. Do not use garlic internally if you are consuming anti-coagulants like aspirin. Individuals who are consuming anti coagulant drugs should consult their dietician before consuming garlic products .
  2. Garlic may cause skin rashes if skin is very delicate and sensitive. Use it with caution.
  3. It should be used cautiously by individuals who have bleeding disorders.
  4. Some may experience heartburn and flatulence when they consume garlic. as garlic has anti-coagulant property.
  5. Garlic should never be consumed during migraine headache. Avoid rubbing garlic on skin as it causes burns and peeling of skin.
  6. Persons with pitta and rakta dhatu vitiation have to consult ayurvedic physicians before consuming this preparation.
  7. Never consume garlic in empty stomach as it may cause severe acidity.
  8. Don’t chew raw garlic as its strong acids may burn taste buds.
  9. Never rub this herb on skin as it burns the skin and leaves an ugly mark

Garlic coconut spread (garlic dry chutney) An Ayurvedic Recipe

Preparation of Garlic coconut spread (garlic dry chutney)

1. ½ dry grated coconut
2. Dry Red chillies –(according to taste)
3. Garlic cloves – 8 to 10
4. Sugar – ½ tea spoon
5. Tamarind – a small grape size
6. Salt – quantity required
7. Cumin seeds (jeera) – 1 tea spoon
8. Coriander seeds ( Dhaniya ) – 1 tea spoon
9. Sunflower oil – 1 tea spoon


Place a thick bottom frying pan on stove. When it heats up, pour oil into it. Simmer the flame. Fry, red chillies, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, dry coconut and tamarind till coconut becomes little crisp. Transfer this to a plate and wait till it reaches room temperature. Blend all other ingredients along with fried ones in a blender to get a coarse powder.

This can be used as bread spread, or a filling for chapati roles. It goes good with dal and rice. Little butter or ghee has to be smeared on bread before spreading this chutney.

Few medicinal properties of Garlic spread

The anti inflammatory property of garlic is helpful in reducing joint pain in conditions like arthritis. The recipes which contain garlic are regularly administered to new mothers as it reduces inflammation of uterus, back pain and normalizes vata. Garlic also increases sperm count, sperm motility and helps in erectile dysfunction. Hence it is helpful for men who suffer from impotence.

Jeera (cumin seeds) and Garlic in this preparation help in conditions like indigestion, constipation, loss of appetite, piles and intestinal parasites. Regular use of garlic helps to prevent skin diseases. Persons suffering from chronic cough can reap the benefits of garlic.

Dry coconut provides plenty of dietary fibers. Dietary fibers help to reduce risk of heart diseases, cancer and reduce blood sugar. Coconut helps to increase intestinal friendly bacteria which in turn help to improve health of intestines. Coconut also helps to expel intestinal parasites like tape worm.

Precautions to be observed while using garlic:

1. Do not use garlic when you consume alcohol, sour foods, milk or jaggery.
2. Avoid drinking plenty of water as soon as you consume garlic. A small glass of water will suffice.
3. Do not consume garlic when you are stressed or angry.
4. Avoid consumption of garlic after a heavy work out.
5. Do not consume garlic if you are working in environment with high temperatures.
6. Always use dhaniya or coriander seeds along with garlic to reduce its untoward effects.

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