Benefits of Pistachios-ED, SPERM COUNT, PCOS- Ayurveda View

Health Benefits of PistachiosHealth benefits of pistachio are innumerable. Pistachios help in erectile dysfunction (ED), to boost sperm count , sperm motility, weight loss, PCOS or PCOD and hair health. According to ayurveda it balances vata

Pistachio nuts are drupe and edible, available all year round. These magic nuts are equipped with many medicinal nutrients to offer various health benefits. Pistachios are versatile to be consumed as salad garnishing, snacks, used in baking, as a crunchy coating meat or fish, and used in trail mixed with dried fruits. They are also available in many forms such as salted, unshelled, shelled, and sweetened to your favourite.

Pistachios and Ayurveda

Pistachios are one of the popular and world ancient nuts grown in the Middle Eastern countries such as Syria, Iraq, and Iran. They belong to the family of anacardaceae from the genus “Pistacia.” It takes up to 10 – 12 years for pistachio tree to produce its first fruits before it continues producing.

Ayurveda experts opine that pistachios balance vata, improve taste of food and also provide excellent nutrition.

Pistachios provide various health benefits ranging from weight loss (Read Horsegram for Weight loss ), diabetes prevention, (Read Ayurvedic Treatment for Diabetes ) healthy heart, improved digestion, helps in erectile dysfunction, useful in PCOS or PCOD, brain health, and for skin and hair health. These seeds contain essential minerals, protein, vitamins, fats, carbohydrates, and much more to offer these significant health benefits. Some of these key health benefits will be discussed in this article. Before going into its benefits, let’s have more knowledge about the nutritional values of pistachios.

 Health Benefits of Pistachio

Pistachio for erectile dysfunction (ED) in men: 

The protein in the pistachios which is known as Arginine has been studied to relax blood vessels to enhance free circulation of blood to male sexual organ for healthy sex drive. Daily consumption of pistachios by men with erectile dysfunction have been researched to play a significant role in treating sexual problems such as sexual desire, ED, and other related sexual issues. ( Click here for ayurvedic remedy and treatment for erectile dysfunction )

Pistachio For PCOS or PCOD in Women :

Since these nuts help in controlling diabetes, weight loss, hair growth and improve skin health these are recommended for women who have PCOS or PCOD. Ayurveda experts and naturopaths recommend to include pistachios in diet for women with PCOS or PCOD. ( Read PCOS or PCOD medicine in ayurveda )

Pistachio For Sperm Count : 

Based on principles of ayurveda nuts help to strengthen shukra dhatu. Shukra dhatu is the 7th tissue which helps men to produce healthy semen with good sperm count and sperm motility.  Various researches have shown that nuts like almonds, pistachio, walnuts, etc ,help to increase sperm count and motility. Read Best dry fruits to increase sperm count

For healthy weight loss:

pistachio for weight loss

Pistachio nuts contain high monounsaturated fats that are soluble in nature for effective weight management. They are the first and the best food for dieting people. Pistachios have been studied and suggested with evidence to be rich in high unsaturated fats, low saturated fats, protein, and lower calories for weight management compared to other dried fruits and nuts. ( Click here for ayurvedic weight loss remedy  )

Pistachios for healthy skin and younger skin:

These nuts help promote skin health by eliminating and preventing skin dryness. The nuts are endowed with antioxidant such as vitamin E which is essential for skin health and help fighting skin aging process by integrating the skin cell membranes. Vitamin E contained in pistachio is an essential skin protection helps protect the skin from harmful UV rays to prevent any forms of skin diseases, skin cancer and aids glowing and healthy skin. The fats present in pistachio nuts act as a great carrier which makes it useful as an ingredient in aromatherapy as well as traditional massage healing treatment. (Read How to do an ayurvedic skin detox at home )

For healthy heart:

Monounsaturated fatty acid, phytosterols, and antioxidants present in pistachios are great nutrients for healthy heart promotion. Consumption of these unique nuts has been studied to assist lower harmful LDL cholesterol levels. (Click here for Increased cholesterol and erectile dysfunction ) .Other nutrients contained in pistachios for a healthy heart is L-arginine and vitamin E. It helps prevent blood clots by making arteries lining more flexible to prevent heart attack and other related diseases.

For diabetes prevention and control:

pistachio for diabetes

Another significant health benefit of pistachios is the ability to prevent and control type 2 diabetes. A cup of pistachios contains about 60 percent of daily recommended phosphorus to prevent and control diabetes; a nutrient responsible for breaking down of proteins into useful amino acids leading to glucose tolerance. The sugar formation with proteins in diabetic patients is inappropriate, resulting in their ailment, a process referred to as glycation. Pistachio nuts help normalize this anomaly to control diabetes. ( Click here to know more about Erectile dysfunction in diabetes )

For dietary fibre:

Pistachios are also found helpful in digestion system due to their high-quality fibre nutrient. It helps by aiding smooth food digestion. A daily consumption of one serving of 1 oz of pistachios contains about 3 grams of dietary fibre to help digestive tracts function. (Read Can constipation cause erectile dysfunction)

For hair health:

pistachio for hair loss

Pistachios contain essential fats for hair flexibility improvement and fights hair loss. A pistachio hair mask helps moisturize and nourish the hair as well as enhancing the hair flexibility fibres. It also treats hair split ends, colour damaged, and hair dehydrated. Biotin contained in pistachio nuts helps to fight hair loss and overall hair health. Deficiency of biotin has been studied to be one of the key factors responsible for hair loss. (Read Ayurvedic home remedies to prevent hair loss or hair fall )

Nutritional Value of Pistachios

pistachio health benefits

Pistachios are one of the world healthiest nuts that are equipped with numerous medicinal nutrients and also dense with healthy nutrients for both body and soul. Compositions of healthy fats and fibre are some of their most acclaimed nutrients to help in effective weight management and lowering cholesterol. 

Pistachio nuts are an excellent energy source mainly from its healthy fats as 1 cup of raw pistachio nuts has 685 calories with fats having the highest percentage of caloric ratio (67% fats, 20% carbohydrates, and 13% protein). This 67 percent fat has the combination of saturated fats and some variety of unsaturated fats including omega-6 and omega-3 essential fatty acids.

Pistachios are equipped with more protein compared to other nuts in the family, with 25 grams in one cup. The nuts are also rich in fibre and protein; a cup contains 13 grams and 25 grams of fibre and protein respectively.

Pistachio nuts also contain many vital trace minerals such as thiamin, calcium, vitamin B6, potassium, copper, iron, manganese, magnesium, zinc, and selenium.

The health benefits of pistachio nuts ranging from weight management, heart wellness, protection against diabetes, and much more advantages. The secrets of these magic nuts to offer so much health benefits are as a result of their natural nutrients, most especially the healthy fats and various trace minerals.


The benefits of pistachios cannot be contained in just one article as there are many health benefits yet undiscovered. However, the key benefits have been covered in this article. Having known the magic of pistachios in preventing, controlling, and treating many health issues, what are you still waiting for? You can replace your snacks with these medicinal nuts when next you are feeling hungry or can be incorporated in your diet to enjoy all the benefits.



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