Health benefits of Vidanga - Embelia Ribes the weight Loss herb

health benefits of vidanga,  health benefits of embelia ribesVidanga or Embelia Ribes  belongs to Family Myrsinaceae.  It is a large semi climber shrub with long drooping branches. Leaves simple and their upper surface is shiny. The flowers are greenish white. The fruits are globular and wrinkled, grayish berries, become dark brown when ripe. It can be found in India, Indian Archipelago, Tropical Asia, Southern China, and East Africa.

Based on principles of Ayurveda Vidanga is light to digest and dries up the excess moistness. It is hot in potency and increases the metabolism.

The health benefits of Vidanga:

  1. Vidanga for weight loss: It is a very important fat burner and a potent weight loss herb. It boosts metabolism and dries up moist content of fat cells. Increased metabolism uses up the stored fat of body. According to Ayurveda fat cells are dependent on Kapah dosha. When kapha dosha gets vitiated the fat cells increase. Vidanga normalises kapaha dosha and reduces volume of fat cells in obese people thus aiding the weight loss. This herb increases urine output helps to reduce water retention.  Check the NILOBESE ayurvedic weight Loss Tea which contains VIDANGA
  2. In skin ailments like acne and pimple: It is applied externally in skin diseases. When used internally it purifies blood and acts on lymph. It reduces inflammation from inside and helps to eliminate skin diseases like acne, pimple, psoriasis, eczema etc. It increases the glow and radiance of skin from inside. Check MOOLIKA SKIN GLOW CAPSULES for glowing skin acne and pimple which contain this herb.
  3. In constipation: This herb helps to relieve constipation. When consumed in form of tea it helps in emptying of bowel. It normalises agni and prevents indigestion.  Vidanga sets right digestion and prevents constipation.
  4. In piles: Since it effectively controls agni and helps in constipation, this herb is widely used in treating piles or haemorrhoids. It increases the motility of intestines and eases the bowel evacuation.
  5. In intestinal parasites: this herb is known for its anti-helminthic properties. By regularly using this herb one can get rid of intestinal parasites.

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