Healthy way to eat jackfruit

Jackfruit indigestion, jackfruit in pregnancy, how to eat jackfruit, Many complain of severe stomach pain or stomach ache, bloating and flatulence after consuming jackfruit. According to principles of ayurveda jackfruit is heavy to digest and stays in stomach for a long time due to its sticky nature. This causes digestion problems. What is the healthy way to eat jack fruit without inviting tummy troubles? Ayurveda acharyas suggest many easy ways to solve this problem.  Here is a guide to eat jack fruit without experiencing stomach ache or pain 

Jackfruit is a very popular fruit in tropical regions. According to principles of Ayurveda it is sweet in taste, heavy to digest but increases strength of body and body weight. It also helps in erectile dysfunction and to boost sperm count. As it is heavy to digest eating jack fruit may cause indigestion, bloating, make you feel gassy (formation of gas), diarrhoea or constipation. This article explains how to eat jack fruit in a healthy way without troubling our digestion and digestive system.

Now it is the season of jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus). This fruit has flooded the market with its intoxicating fragrance and color. We witness people crowded in front of jackfruit stalls to purchase the best one. People love to enjoy the taste of this fruit, although it is a herculean task to cut open this fruit to reach for bright yellow fleshes which are hidden between sticky fibers.

Jackfruits have immense health benefits. The benefits are delivered to our body when it is well digested. It helps to gain weight and strengthen the body. This fruit is rich in antioxidants and prevents ageing. It boosts immunity, helps to reduce blood pressure, prevents cancer and maintains the health of eyes. Indian and Chinese medicines recommend administering this to persons who suffer from erectile dysfunction. Ayurveda acharyas also eulogise this fruit as shukrala as it helps to improves sperm count and motility.

  1. The best time to eat jack fruit is when you are hungry and preferably before starting your meal. This aids in proper digestion of the fruit.This is because the digestive enzymes or agni are more powerful when you are hungry.  
     If you consume this after a meal it may hinder the digestion of both food and fruit as digestive agni is less intense after a meal. Do not consume jack fruit at night. It will trouble your sleep and can cause indigestion.Jackfruit indigestion, jackfruit in pregnancy, how to eat jackfruit,
  2. Avoid consuming oily foods, heavy meaty meals, pulses and protein laid foods when you decide to consume jack fruit. This causes indigestion and symptoms of indigestion like gassy stomach, faltulance , belching etc may surface.
  3. Jackfruit and honey is a heavenly combination. Honey is praised as best thinning agent and a quick carrier of beneficial bio molecules. Hence adding honey to jack fruit makes it easy for the stomach to digest Jackfruit. Always use pure honey.
  4. Prefer mildly spiced, light and warm meal after eating jackfruit. Add spices like cumin seeds (jeera), pepper and turmeric to your recipe. These spices increase agni or digestive power and help in trouble-free digestion of this fruit.
  5. Never over eat this fruit. This leads to more harm than good. Over eating of jackfruit may cause stomach ache, constipation ( Read Can Constipation cause erectile dysfunction)  or diarrhoea.
  6. Drinking iced water or refrigerated drinks, after eating this fruit is a strict NO. Drink warm water throughout day to aid good digestion of this fruit and prevent uneasiness. Warm water keeps the digestion optimum and also relieves bloating, stomach pain and other disturbances.
  7. Always purchase hygienically cut fruits. Never purchase fruits which are open to dust and exposed to microbes. Buy the whole fruit and skin it to get clean and tasty fleshes.
  8. Pregnant women, persons with ascites, IBS and other problems of digestive system are strictly barred from eating this fruit.  In pregnant women it may cause increased motility and contraction of intestines which in turn may initiate contraction of the womb. Hence jackfruit has to be avoided during pregnancy. Even raw jack fruit curry is not advised in pregnancy. 




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