Hemorrhoids (piles)

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Ayurveda remedies for piles, ayurveda remedies for hemorrhoids, Avoid
Sitting for a long duration on hard surface. Eating dry food. Smoking. Putting pressure during defecation. Eating Non-Vegetarian food. Consumption of canned food. Afternoon nap (diseased, aged and children are exempted). Eating stale food. Anal coitus. Usage of Sesame and Mustard.

Do the following things…
Drink lot of water (avg 3 lts /day).
Consume green leafy vegetables and fruits which add roughage.
Sleep well in nights.
Maintain Oral and Anal hygiene.
Aim at Weight Loss.

Ingredients required :-
Triphala Powder

Method of preparation :-
Mix Triphala powder in water and keep for half an hour. Later add a table spoon full pure honey to it and stir it well .Consume this drink in early morning.

Mix a table spoon full honey to a glass of water and drink this in early morning.

Mix a tea spoon full honey with a glass of milk. Give this rejuvenating drink to children (Above 5 yrs). This increases their resistance power to fight against diseases.

4. Indian Borage and Sugar

Indian borage or ajwain leaves juice mixed with sugar can be given to children in colic, in asthma, chronic cough, kidney stones, piles and dysentery