Home remedies with onions

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  • 1.Regular consumption of onions helps to reduce incidences of osteoporosis.
  • 2.According to principles of ayurveda vitiation of Vata causes pain in body. Onions normalize vata and thus help to reduce pain and inflammation of joints in conditions like arthritis
  • 3.Cut two medium sized onions and fry them with turmeric till they become soft. Use castor oil or sesame oil for frying. Roll these hot tender onions in a soft clean cloth and tie it on aching part. This helps to reduce pain and inflammation of joint. Same remedy will be helpful to make hard abscess tender.
  • 4.Apply a face pack of onion juice and little turmeric on face. This helps to remove dark pigments and patches.
  • 5.Cook one cup of moong dal (Bengal gram or yellow lentil) with thickly sliced onions (3 medium sized onions). Add salt and a pinch of turmeric while cooking. Consume this along with rice or as soup. Moong dal and onion help to soften the stools and increase the bulk of stools. They also helps to heal the abrasions on walls of rectum and anus. This recipe helps to relieve constipation, piles and normalize digestion.
  • 6.Onions are known as best Vajikara. Regular consumption of onion helps in conditions like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and low libido. For this cut onion into long thin slices and fry it in butter till it becomes tender and consume it in empty stomach.
  • 7.Seeds of onion help to increase sperm count and sperm motility.
  • 8.In India kajal or eye liner is prepared at home using onion juice. This helps to clean the eye and increase its glow.
  • 9.Consumption of one tea spoon of onion juice and one tea spoon of honey helps in reliving chest congestion which normally happens in cold and cough.
  • 10.Chewing onions regularly help to prevent tooth decaying and reduce tooth pain.
  • 11.Regular consumption of onion helps to reduce blood cholesterol and blood sugar (in diabetes).
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