Honey – A beauty treatment at home

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Honey – A beauty treatment at home

beauty benefits of honey acne, honey ayurveda , honey health benefits ayurveda, Honey facial mask benefitsAyurvedic texts describe medicinal properties of honey as follows .

“Vaatalam guru sheetam cha raktapittakaphapaham |
Sandhatru cchedanam ruksham kashayam madhuram madhu ||”

Honey aggravates vata. But alleviates pitta, rakta and kapha. According to ayurveda principles acne and pimples are caused by vitiation of rakta, pitta and kapha. As honey balances vitiated rakta, pitta and kapha, its external application helps to reduce acne and pimples. In the above verse it has been said that honey is an excellent promoter of healing process (sandhatru).Inflamed acne and pimples get healed very quickly when honey is applied externally. Its antimicrobial properties help to accelerate healing process.

Honey-A home facial mask benefits

We all know that honey has innumerable medicinal properties. Now people use honey regularly as a substitute for sugar. Honey can be used externally on skin. According to principles of ayurveda honey has cleansing properties. It cleanses the body when consumed internally. This sweet nectar removes toxic plugs and rejuvenates body tissues.

The same action can be seen when it is used externally. It clears the clogged skin pores and rejuvenates skin. Its anti aging properties help skin to look younger. Wash face thoroughly with suitable face wash. Pat dry skin. Take 2 tea spoons of organic honey and apply on face. Leave it for 15 minutes. Wash it off with luke warm water. Honey facials increases fairness and glow of skin. It helps to reduce wrinkles and other aging signs.

As honey exhibits astringent (kashayam) properties its external application helps to tighten the pores created by acne and pimple. Its heaviness (guru) and cold (sheeta) properties help to increase the moisture level of skin. This helps to prevent wrinkles. Honey helps to increase moistness of dry skin.

Honey has another excellent property of drying extra oil secretion. It scrapes the excess oil secretion without stripping the natural oil of skin. Persons with Oily skin can take advantage of this quality of honey.