How to Improve Sperm Motility? – An Ayurveda View

According ayurveda a healthy shukra dhatu initiates production of healthy sperms with good motility. Hence shukra dhatu strengthening diet, lifestyle and herbs help to improve sperm motility.

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What is sperm motility ?

Sperm motility and Ayurveda

Causes of Low Sperm Motility

Ayurvedic treatments to Improve Sperm Motility

What is sperm motility ?

Sperm motility can be described as the effort of sperm to move forward and manoeuver through the cervical mucus in the female reproductive system to meet the egg, after intercourse. On the other hand, sperm count is the quantity of sperm produced by a male reproductive system, while sperm morphology means that sperm is properly formed to fertilize the female eggs.

However, each of these can contribute to male infertility if there are issues with them. Studies have shown that more than 50% of male fertility problems are as a result of low sperm count. However, a reasonable number of male fertility issues have also been linked to low sperm motility.

Sperm motility is measured as a percentage, and it is the quantity of sperm move forwards in a regular space and time. Average sperm motility stands at 50% of total sperm released by a man. It means that about half of the overall sperm moves in the right direction and space in the female reproductive system after sexual intercourse. Anything less than 50% poses a threat and can cause problems.

Sperm motility and Ayurveda

Ayurveda has given utmost importance to fertility of man. If man is fertile he has a capacity to produce healthy offspring.

The main three fertility problems experienced by men are sperm count, sperm morphology, and sperm motility. These three issues are wrongly termed as one by the most layman as sperm count. However, many at times, a man may have a high sperm count, but only faced with sperm motility or sperm morphology. In this article we are trying to explain What are the causes of low sperm motility? How to improve sperm motility through ayurvedic medicines and methods? How to increase sperm motility by ayurvedic food? What are the low sperm motility solutions?

Sperms in ayurveda

Sperms are described as ‘shukranu’ by ayurveda vaidyas. All three doshas, especially Vata dosha (Read Ayurveda Vata Dosha – Body Type and Balancing Tips) and kapha dosha (Read Kapha Dosha Types, Qualities, Functions and Sites in Ayurveda) must be in balanced condition for a healthy sperm motility. Any imbalance in these three vital forces can imbalance shukra dhatu (Read Ayurveda Definition of Shukra Dhatu (semen )) and interfere in motility of sperm.

Let’s continue as we discover more truth about sperm motility.

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Causes of Low Sperm Motility – an ayurveda view

The best way to improve your sperm motility is by first know what causes your low sperm motility. Many activities, lifestyles, and foods we eat have been linked to low sperm motility problem. However, all these cases can be solved if we know their causes. Below are the various causes of low sperm motility as shown by many studies:

Heat or Ushna:

Too much heat can destroy shukra dhatu. Studies showed that temperature is capable of damaging sperm in many ways. There are many ways men subject their sperm to heat knowingly or unknowingly, by subjecting their testicles to overheat. (Testicles are hanging out of body to prevent the body heat). These include taking a hot bath, wearing tight underwear or clothes, sitting for a longer time in hot tubs, and regularly putting of laptop on the lap. Avoid all these activities to improve your sperm motility and quality.

Consuming heavy metals:

Low sperm motility has been connected to consumption of heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium, lead, and chromium. If you are suffering from low sperm motility, it is recommended to avoid any sources and foods that may expose you to these metals.

Stress and anxiety:

Subjecting yourself to too much stress and anxiety (Read Stress and Anxiety Management Through Ayurveda), influences your sperm motility and general sperm health. Avoid stress as much as possible to improve your sperm health.

Lack of Minerals and vitamins:

Some minerals and vitamins are vital for sperm health especially sperm motility. Studies have shown that proper amount of zinc (Read Zinc (Jasada Bhasma) in Ayurveda- for Erectile Dysfunction , PCOS), copper (Read Ayurveda Copper Water Benefits, Sperm Count and Motility), iron levels can improve sperm motility as well as sperm count. The lack of minerals and vitamins such as vitamin B12 and vitamin C in the body are essential for sperm motility improvement. Their shortage in the body may have a significant effect on sperm health. Generally, balanced diet is essential for sperm motility.

Too much sex:

Production of sperm requires times after a successful sexual intercourse. This means that if you have too much sex without rest, it can affect your sperm production and health. It is important to give 2-3 days between the time you have sex especially during your woman ovulation period for a healthy sperm and motility to fertilize her eggs. Excess of everything is bad, try not to overdo it when it comes to sex for reproduction.

Alcohol and smoking:

These are parts of the unhealthy lifestyles that result in low sperm motility. Taking alcohol in excess as well as smoking tends to affect the overall health of your sperm. Stop those habits today to improve your sperm motility and overall sperm health.


DNA fragmentation has also been linked to low sperm motility as it is shown through studies to pass on to generations.


Some medication can also affect sperm motility. Taking medication to treat some hormonal problems or steroids can lead to low sperm motility and weaken sperm considerably.

Ayurvedic treatments to Improve Sperm Motility

Low sperm motility is studied to reduce the chance of impregnating a woman by 30%. Fortunately, conditions of sperm motility can be improved in various ways like lifestyle changes, dieting, and exercises. They are as discussed below:

Lifestyle changes:

It was mentioned above that consumption of excessive alcohol and as well as smoking can result in low sperm motility. If you are looking for improvement in your sperm motility, stop drinking alcohol and smoking. These bad lifestyles not only influence your sperm motility but also have negatively impact on sperm count and general sperm health. Follow a healthy ayurvedic daily routine or dinacharya. and ayurvedic seasonal routine or rutucharya

Ayurvedic foods and Diet to improve sperm motility:

Ayurveda recommends various foods to improve health of shukra dhatu. These foods improve sperm motility too.

Nutrition also plays a vital role in sperm motility. Diets with insufficient carnitine are studied to cause sperm problems. Amino acids such as Acetyl-L-Carnitine and L-Carnitine are good sources of nutrients that improve motility of sperm by energizing sperm through transportation of fatty acids within the body to the proper locations.]

Consumption of foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids and folic acid in adequate amount can improve sperm production and sperm motility. Examples of foods that can improve sperm motility are red peppers, sweet potatoes, spinach broccoli, blueberries, Ghee (Read Ayurveda Health Benefits and Uses of Ghee), milk (Read Ayurveda Health Benefits and Uses of Milk – Dos and Don’ts) , almonds (Read Ayurveda Health Benefits of Almonds), walnut (Read Walnuts for Erectile Dysfunction, Sperm and PCOS- Ayurveda View), raisins (Read Raisins or Dry Grapes Health Benefits According to Ayurveda), mango (Read Mango and Male Fertility – An Ayurveda View) and green tea. You can also try healthy sperm supplements to improve your sperm motility if those foods are always available.

Exercise or vyayama:

Moderate intense training exercises have been researched to help improve sperm motility. All physical exercises are good for the body in many ways such as weight loss, decreased in body fat,healthy weight, solve erectile dysfunction, (Read Ayurvedic Medicines and Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction ) and much more. Try to engage in moderately intense exercise to boost your sperm motility and sperm quality.

Ayurvedic Herbs and Medicines for sperm motility :

Herbs like ashwagandha (Read Ayurveda Health Benefits and Uses of Ashwagandha), Safed Musli (Read Ayurveda Health Benefits, Uses of Safed Musli), Kapikacchu or Mucuna, (Read Ayurveda Health Benefits and Uses of Kapikacchu- Mucuna Pruriens) Gokshura or Tribulus (Read Ayurveda Health Benefits and Uses of Tribulus Terrestris or Gokshura) are very effective in low sperm count and low sperm motility. These herbs are recommended in texts of Ayurveda for male infertility. They increase shukra dhatu and improve sperm motility. Supraja Lehyam is an ayurvedic medicine to increase sperm count and sperm motility. Shukra kit is another ayurvedic herbal medicine combo which effectively improve low sperm count and motility.


Sperm motility is essential for male reproductive system. When there is a delay in conception between a couple, most blame is always on the woman; not knowing that male sperm motility may be the cause. This article has addressed the causes and how to improve your sperm motility. If you have been diagnosed for sperm motility, consider the above suggested ways to improve your sperm motility naturally without medication. If you have not been diagnosed for the problem, you can avoid the occurrence of low sperm motility by reading through its causes and control yourself accordingly.

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