How To Win The Battle Against Erectile Dysfunction

how to erectile dysfunction without drugs

Number of men fighting a battle against Erectile Dysfunction, ED or Impotence is on raise. Unhealthy lifestyles, sedentary work and stress are playing a crucial role in making men victims of sexual dysfunction. Addressing these causes help to win this battle. It is very important to change the lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle helps to overpower this enemy without medications.

Stop smoking: Smoking affects blood flow through arteries of male genital organ. Altered blood flow shows its effects on hardness and duration of sustaining hardness. Smoking also accelerates aging and this aging effect reflects on quantity of testosterone.  Thus plummeted levels of testosterone influences sexual function leading to erectile dysfunction. A dipped level of testosterone also lowers sperm count. Keep away from other tobacco addiction like chewing or sniffing.

Lose excess weight: Studies have found that losing few pounds improves performance of men in bed. Pick up your jogging shoes and start exercises like brisk walking or jogging shred extra fat. Increased physical activity helps to reduce weight and help you to fight the battle against Erectile Dysfunction. Check our Weight Reduction Kit to help you to lose weight.

Watch your Plate: Fill your plates with vegetables and fruits. Keep junk foods aside. Lots of fresh vegetables and fruits help in weight loss and also provide sufficient nutrition. Say good bye to sweets, deep fried foods and processed foods, Ban ‘3S’ Salt, Sugar and Starch. Avoid excess salt, refined flour and sugar. If you are a non-vegetarian use lean meat, fish, oysters, prawns etc which are low in fat and high in proteins and vitamins. Munch some dry fruits like raisins, dates, figs, walnuts etc. These are high in anti-oxidants and also boost male health.

Keep stress at bay: Stress is the main cause for erectile dysfunction. Stress ruins sexual life of Men. Regular exercises, Yoga and Meditation help in a great way to reduce stress and bring back the lost youth.

Use Herbs: Herbs are safe and are usually devoid of side effects. Men with impotence can take the help of herbs to restore their sexual life. Ayurveda recommends “Vajikarana Therapy” for this purpose. The herbs in Vajikarana therapy help to rejuvenate male reproductive system, reduce stress and supply ample of anti-oxidants and nutrients. This therapy helps to increase hardness, duration of hard erection and prevent premature ejaculation. Avail our FREE AYURVEDIC CONSULTATIONS ABOUT VAJIKARANA THERAPY

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