Increased cholesterol and Erectile dysfunction

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Cholesterol is a fatty substance found in our body. Cholesterol is produced by liver and also derived from diet. But cholesterol produced from liver is important as it strengthens cell membrane, helps in production of hormone and vitamin D. The cholesterol in blood stream, which blocks arteries, comes from diet. Increased cholesterol gets accumulated on walls of arteries as hard plaques. This narrows the lumen of arteries.(Diameter of the arteries reduces. ). Due to reduced diameter the blood flow through arteries also gets reduced.

The same process occurs in arteries of penis. When arteries of penis gets blocked it reduces blood flow through penis and reduced blood flow causes erectile dysfunction. The risk of Erectile dysfunction is nearly two times greater in men with total cholesterol levels above 240 than in men with total cholesterol levels below 180 . In men erectile dysfunction may be an early symptom of high cholesterol. Adults should get their blood cholesterol level checked frequently.

Hence ayurveda acharyas recommend healthy lifestyles and diet to prevent blocking of arteries. Various Ayurveda herbal remedies help to rejuvenate liver and reduce blood cholesterol level. Erectile dysfunction may be a first indication of increased blood cholesterol level.

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