Kharjura Sharkara Ksheera-Palm Sugar Milk for Men

Kharjura Sharkara Ksheera-Palm Sugar Milk for Men

Palm Sugar Milk Dates are known as Kharjura in Ayurveda. Kharjura is eulogised by ayurvedic acharyas for its aphrodisiac properties. The milk prepared using dates sugar or palm sugar as major ingredient is known as Kharjura Sharkara Ksheera or Palm Sugar Milk

The recipe goes as follows


  1. Cows Milk – 1 cup
  2. Palm sugar (Date Sugar) – 2 tea spoon
  3. Cardamom – 1 powdered
  4. Saffron – 5-8 strands.

Method: Boil milk and add date sugar. Mix it well till it dissolves. Mix strands of saffron in two tea spoons of milk half an hour before starting the preparations. Add powdered cardamom and soaked saffron to milk and serve hot or cold depending on conditions.

Benefits of this milk:

  1. This milk balances vata and pitta. Since all the ingredients in this recipe help to balance vata and pitta the recipe as whole also helps to balance the doshas in same way. It can be used to pacify the symptoms of diseases which arise due to vitiation of vata and pitta.
  2. Palm sugar or date sugar milk is suitable for children also. The milk acts as complete protein and date sugar provides minerals, vitamins and glucose. This recipe helps to boost the energy of children and also provide complete nourishment. It is well tolerated by children and the recipe nourishes their tender tissues.
  3. The warm date sugar milk soothes throat and increases its moistness. Singers, speakers and persons who experience dryness of throat can use this soothing milk recipe. The milk should be served hot in these conditions.
  4. This milk acts as a neutraliser. It neutralises the acid and maintains acid – base balance in body. It is very good for persons who suffer from acidity. A cold milk recipe of date sugar soothes irritated stomach and prevents formation of ulcers.
  5. The Kharjura sharkara ksheera or palm sugar milk is a very good aphrodisiac. It acts like a Vajikarana food for men who would like to boost their libido. Dates, milk, saffron and cardamom are considered as Vajikarana Herbs. These ingredients are regularly used in Vajikarana Therapy to increase sperm count and motility. This recipe can be used as herbal ayurvedic remedy for erectile dysfunction.
  6. Persons with diabetes should use this recipe with care. They have to cut calories from regular food portions to accommodate this recipe. Please consult your physician before using this.