3 Best Ayurvedic Immunity Boosters for Kids

Ayurvedic immunity boosters like ashwagandha, amla, bala , ginger, etc also work as good appetizers (deepana) and digestive (pachana). Check these 3 ayurvedic immunity boosters for kids which are recommended by qualified ayurvedic doctors.

Children up to 10 years are always susceptible for common viral and bacterial infections. They suffer from cold, cough, fever and congestion.

This because their immunity is very weak. Here are reasons for this.

Reasons of Low Immunity in Children

Why do Children Fall Sick Often ? Watch Video

  1. Kids these days opt only for unhealthy foods like chocolates, cakes, ice creams etc. which are almost zero in nutrient content and brimmed with calories. This leads to obesity and weak immune system.
  2. Children refuse to eat veggies and fruits which are high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which help to boost immunity.
  3. These days due to urban living and rat race, our tiny tots hardly get any time and space to play outdoors. They are almost glued to TV, computer, mobile or other electronic gadgets. This reduces physical activity and paves way for obesity. Obesity reduces immunity.
  4. Education in Urban India has become a stress factor for children. This further reduces immunity level.
  5. Children are frequently administered with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications which take a toll on their liver health. These medications further cause dip in immunity level.

Does Ayurveda has solution for Low Immunity in Children ?

Yes, Ancient texts of Ayurveda recommend ayurvedic herbs like amla, ginger, chirata or Kalmegh, ashwagandha, Bala (sida cardifolia) , vidanga , ghee  etc to boost immunity in kids. These herbs and herbal extracts are available in form of syrup, chyawanprash (best ayurvedic immunity booster) and gummies. A small quantity of these preparations help to boost immunity and strength in children.

Here is the list of 3 Best Ayurvedic Immunity Boosters for Kids recommended by Dr.Savitha Suri Consultant Ayurvedic Physician.

#1 Imutizer Syrup

Pack of 2 – Quantity 150 ml each

Price – 440 INR

Manufactured by Nisarga Herbs  and recommended for children to boost immunity and increase appetite . According to them It is 100% Organic and purely Ayurvedic.


When we analyse the list of ingredients in this syrup, it contains immunity boosting, deepana (appetite increasing), pachana (digestion stimulant) and rakta shodhana (blood purifying) herbs. It also has “madhuparni” a natural sweetener and flax seeds (atasi) which provides Omega 3 fatty acids.

According to manufacturer this syrup contains

Kalmegh: Kalmegh stimulates agni (improves appetite and eases digestion). It acts as rakta shodhana (blood purifier). It protects liver.

Vavding: Ayurveda eulogises this herb as “krimighna” (antiparasitic) and recommends this herb against intestinal worm infestation. It relieves bloating and stomachache (colic) and hence useful in children.

Sunthi (ginger) : Helps in nausea and vomiting. It is a best immunity booster, appetizer and improves digestion.

Ashwagandha:  It is potent antioxidant and boosts immunity. Ayurveda scholars praise this as “rasayana” which means it rejuvenates body tissues and strengthens it. It helps to build strong  muscle mass (mamsa dhatu).

Bala: Bala is used as a nerve strengthening herb. It also acts as a rejuvenator. As name indicates it strengthens body and boosts immunity.

Anantamul: Beneficial for treating stomach disorders like dyspepsia and loss of appetite. Also used in treating inflammations and swellings.

Rosemary: Is a powerful Anti-oxidant.

Atasi (flax seeds) :  Rich in omega 3 fatty acids.

Mandhuparni:  Calorie free sweetener.

 # 2 Simply Herbal – Multivitamin Gummies For Kids with 16 vitamins

 Quantity – 30 gummies

Price – 449 INR

Manufactured by “Simply Herbals”. According to them it is a vegetarian product and is  gelatin free.

I am sure kids are going to love this as these are gummies brimming with vitamins. This is new in India and our tiny tots love this.

It contains 16 Vitamins. Important among these are-

Calcium – helps in bone development,

Biotin – Biotin is also known as vitamin H, which helps in conversion of food into energy. We get this from healthy vegetables we eat. When kids refuse to eat vegetables adding biotin as supplement is very essential. It helps to keep skin, hair, eyes, liver, and nervous system healthy.

Vitamin A – improves health of eyes, skin and boosts immunity,

Vitamin B, – Improves nerve function, increases appetite, strengthens body, improves blood

Vitamin C – Best antioxidant and boosts immunity by leaps and bounds.

According to manufacturer “Simply herbal makes giving doses of tablets to your little ones easy and hassle-free. Try these multivitamin gummies in strawberry flavor, they taste better and are easier to convince your kids to have. These gummies are power-packed with the essential nutrients your kids need during their important growth years – all in one extra yummy easy-to-eat serving.”

 #3 Cureveda Pureprash

 Quantity – 500 gms

Price – 645 INR

It is an excellent palatable chyavanprash. When we go through their label the following points can be noted.

Contains organic amla or Indian gooseberry along with ashwagandha, gokshura or gokhru or tribulus, shatavari and has jaggery as sweetening agent.

There is no processed sugar in this.

It is prepared in small batches to retain freshness and manage good quality control.

Does not contain artificial colour or flavour

It does not contain metals and is checked for international standard of toxicity.

Amla or amalaki (indian gooseberry) fruits are sourced during season. (this makes the ayurvedic preparation high in its medicinal qualities)

No sodium benzoate. (Generally, sodium benzoate is used as a preservative).

It is packed in 100% biodegradable packaging and comes in glass bottles which prevents leaching.

It can be used in children and adults (Consult a qualified ayurvedic doctor before using. Click here for free consultations).

It is recommended to build immunity, to fight cough and cold, as a good allergy relief and to manage brain health.

It is packed with Vitamin C which is abundant in amla or amalaki.

Apart from administering above immunity boosters, teach your kids importance of eating healthy. Encourage them to be physical more active and involve yourself in their overall development. Discourage unhealthy eating habits and TV addiction. Teach them deep breathing exercises (pranayama) and yoga. Remember children always follow footsteps of parents.

Please consult a qualified ayurvedic physician before using any ayurvedic medicines

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Author – Dr.Savitha Suri. Consultant ayurvedic physician. 

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