Kumkumadi Tailam or Oil for Acne, Dark Circles, Pigmentation and Dry Skin

Ayurveda acharyas recommend the beauty oil kumkumadi tailam for acne, pimples, dark circles , marks, pigments, moles etc. This is used as face massage oil.

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Ingredients of kumkumadi tailam

Kumkumadi Oil or Tailam Uses and Benefits for Skin

Precautions for application

Kumkumadi tailam is an age old ayurveda remedy for acne and pimples ( known as youvana pitikas in ayurveda), dark circles, pigments, scars and stretch marks.  This oil improves skin texture, glow and fairness. This ayurvedic oil is usually used for face massage.

Ingredients of kumkumadi tailam

Kumkumadi tailam contains skin friendly herbs like Saffron (kumkuma kesara) ((Health Benefits of Saffron or Kesar or Crocus Sativus – An Ayurveda View)), manjishta , rose wood, yashtimadhu (licorice), guduchi (giloy), nagakeshara, sariva (anantmool), kamal ghatta, daru haridra, lotus flower , vidarikanda, bala (sida cordifolia), ashwagandha, sandal wood and Turmeric (haldi, haridra) . These are processed with milk and sesame oil.


Saffron also known as kumkuma kesara, helps to reduce dark pigments, dark circles under eyes, acne and pimple. These magic red stigmas increase fairness and glow of skin when applied as face pack.

Sandal wood:

sandalwood has many antimicrobial properties. Ayurveda acharyas recommend use of sandal wood as a part of natural skin care regimes to heal and soothe many skin ailments and conditions. One of the primary uses of this wonder herb is that it can kill germs, soothe inflamed skin, and clear blemishes left even by stubborn acne. Regular use of sandalwood helps to get clean and clear skin.


Turmeric nourishes skin and gives it a healthy natural glow and radiance. It reduces inflammation of skin, soothes it and prevents many skin ailments. The golden yellow coloured turmeric powder acts as natural antibiotic and helps to fight acne and pimple. Texts of ayurveda praise the scar and blemish reducing properties of turmeric. Continuous use of turmeric reduces stretch marks and gives the natural tone for skin.

Manjishta (Rubia cordifolia)

Manjistha also known as  Indian Madder is recommended for both internal and external administration to treat skin ailments. Based on principles of ayurveda this herb detoxifies body and purifies rakta (blood) .Reduces rashes, itchiness and inflammation. It lightens scars and marks.

Rosewood (rakta chandana)

Rosewood supports all types of skin. It promotes regeneration of healthy skin cells and helps to slow down ageing process. It is very beneficial in wrinkles, acne, pimple and blemishes.

Kumkumadi tailam is natural oil which has multiple uses. It contains all the above herbs as active ingredients. Kumkumadi tailam is usually used for external application.

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Kumkumadi Oil or Tailam Uses and Benefits for Skin

This oil is mainly used to address skin problems of face. Here are benefits of this ayurvedic beauty oil.

Acne and pimples:

Kumkumadi tailam (oil) available on amazon India, helps to reduce acne and pimples which erupt due to dry skin. This has to be applied on affected area after cleansing the skin .Saffron in kumkumadi tailam is known for its healing properties and also it imparts glow to skin. Thus saffron heals acne, while turmeric fights with germs and sandal wood soothes the skin which is irritated due to microbial attack.

Scars and Blemish:

This ayurvedic beauty oil is known to reduce scars and blemish from ages. Ayurveda acharyas eulogize the scar and blemish removing properties of this oil. This can also be used on freckles and moles.

Little of this oil has to be rubbed on affected area at night and washed off next day morning with warm water and mild soap .

Stretch Marks:

Stretch marks can appear during puberty, pregnancy and menopause. It may also appear when you put on weight or exercise in gym. , Stretch marks spoil the beauty of skin. This oil helps to reduce stretch marks and gives an even tone to skin. Regular use of this oil is useful in stretch marks due to pregnancy, obesity, muscle building etc.

Dark circles and pigments:

Kumkumadi oil is also advised by practitioners of ayurveda as an effective remedy in dark circles and pigments. Regular use of this preparation helps to enhance beauty of skin by reducing dark circles and pigments.

Take a few drops of this oil on finger tips and gently apply beneath eyes over dark circles. Gently tap the area with finger tips (do not massage). Wash this off after 30 minutes.  This can be done twice daily.

Other Uses of This Oil

  • This oil can be used for sun protection. Apply a thin layer of this oil when you go out in sun.
  • When you are treating blemishes you can add 2-3 drops of this oil into water to make a steam during facial.
  • This is also used in Nasya Karma (one of panchakarma therapy) in ayurvedic beauty treatment.
  • In Discoloured or dark Arm Pits gently massage arm pits with few drops of this oil and wash it off after 30 minutes .

Precautions for application

  1. If you have an oily skin first do a patch test. Use in very small quantity only once a day. If used more it may lead to acne and pimple eruption. Consult ayurvedic physician before using this.
  2. It may cause allergic reaction for people with sensitive skin. Do a patch test. If you develop rashes, itching, irritation etc. Do not use.

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Kumkumadi Tailam or Oil for acne, dark circles, pigmentation and dry skin