Lajjalu -Sensitive Plant (Mimosa Pudica)

Ayurveda, Lajjalu,sensitive plant,Mimosa pudica, mimosa pudica ayurveda,sensitive plant ayurvedaBotanical Description of Mimosa pudica

BOTONICAL NAME : Mimosa pudica
FAMILY:  Leguminosae
STRUCTURE: Thorny Shrub, grows upto 2-4 ft
Stems:- reddish-brown, prickly
Leaves:- immediately folding by pulvini if touched or jarred; pinnae 4, often reddish; leaflets 12-25 pairs, linear, acute, bristly; 9-12 mm long, 1.5 mm wide;
Flowers:- Pink attractive spherical flowers(1 cm in diameter) which exhibit radial symmetry. It has typical flowering head with stamens dominating as the attractive component of the flowers. Flowers are auxiliary and have peduncle up to 2.5 cm long Blossoms in rainy season
Pods:-Crowded, flat, prickly-bristly, indented between the few (2-4) seeds, to nearly 2 cm long.
HABITAT: Common in rather moist waste ground. First described in Brazil. Now wide spread in globe as tropical weed

Ayurvedic Description of lajjalu or Mimosa Pudika (sensitive plant)

SANSKRIT NAME : Lajjalu (shy natured), Namaskaari (leaves fold in ‘Namaste’ posture)
LOCAL NAMES(in India) :Lajjalu, Namaskaar, shamipatra ,Khadiraka, samangaa, Raktapaadi (Sanskrit),lajaalu, lajouni ,lajjavanthi, chuimui (Hindi), Laajak,Lajjavathi(Bengali), Attaapatti (Telugu), tottalavaadi (Tamil), Laajaalu,Laajari (Marathi), Reesamani (Gujarati), Muttidare muni(kannada)
Guna :- Laghu, Ruksha
Rasa :- tiktha,kashaya
Veerya :-Sheetha
Vipaka :- katu
KARMA (Action) :
Rakta Sthambhana (Enhances blood clotting),
Kapha pittah shamaka
Vrana ropana (heals wounds),
Vrishya (aphrodisiac),
Pramehaghna (reduces the frequency of micturition),


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