Lavana Rasa – The salty taste in ayurveda

salty taste ayurveda, lavana rasa, ayurveda tastesSalt makes every recipe tasty. It is being used from ages to enhance the taste, flavor and texture of food. Salt is used as a preservative in every part of world. Salt is an essential nutrient. Texts of ayurveda consider salt among six important tastes. It is known as Lavana Rasa in ayurveda.

According to principles of ayurveda, salt or salty tasting foods increase moistness in mouth by increasing salivation. When we consume salt, we feel as if our cheeks and throat are burning.

Functions of salt in body – salt helps to reduce rigidity of tissues. When consumed in required quantities it helps to remove blockages in ‘srotas’ or minute internal body channels. The digestive activity increases when salty foods are consumed.  Salt in proper quantity causes sweating. It penetrates deep tissues and increases taste of food.

When salt is consumed more than required quantity, it vitiates blood (rakta) and increases its volume. Even vata gets vitiated by increased salt consumption. This also causes baldness, hair loss, premature graying, early aging and skin wrinkles. It lowers body immunity and leads to herpes (herpes, genital herpes or oral herpes) outbreaks.

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