Ayurvedic Tips for Weight Loss After Delivery

Texts of Ayurveda recommend various ayurvedic tips and home remedies for weight loss after delivery. These remedies help to lose weight after pregnancy and are in regular practice in Indian house hold.

Kadha Or Herbal Teas for Post Pregnancy Weight Management

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During delivery the doshas get vitiated and lead to weight gain.The first step in ayurvedic system is to bring back these vitiated doshas to normalcy.

Most Balant kadhas contains dashamoola herbs as basic herbs. This preparation helps to balance agni, boost immunity, reduce inflammation and balance doshas, specially vata dosha

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Post Pregnancy and Ayurveda
How to lose post pregnancy weight with ayurvedic methods
Jeera Water after Delivery for weight loss
Ayurvedic Kadha for Weight loss  after pregnancy
Body Massage after Delivery
Ayurvedic Diet after Delivery for weight loss
Garlic Milk Recipe for post pregnancy weight loss

Essential oils for post pregnancy weight loss

Post Pregnancy and Ayurveda

As soon as you give birth to your baby, there are lots of things which have to be taken care of. The new baby has to be fed in time, hygiene of baby and yourself has to be maintained, giving a gap between two offspring takes a priority. Along with these, losing the weight which you have gained during pregnancy also bothers you. Losing weight after pregnancy is a very big task. A delicate balance has to be maintained with diet and exercise since your welfare is directly tied with that of your infant.
If you had a normal weight before pregnancy and gained 10-12 kgs during pregnancy then you can lose these extra fat within few months. But if you are overweight before pregnancy and put on some more weight during pregnancy, then it takes a very long time to get back to a healthy weight.

The weight gained during pregnancy has to be lost quickly or else it becomes very difficult to lose those extra pounds in later stages of life. This may lead to obesity. This weight loss should be slow and progressive. Since it has taken nine months for this fat to get accumulated, you should take at least 10-12 months to lose it.

When you are on weight loss, you have to take care of your skin health too. Stretch marks of pregnancy can look ugly when you wear a saree, crop top or low waist jeans. For this you have to opt for anti-stretch marks creams.

How to lose post pregnancy weight with ayurvedic methods:

Texts of Ayurveda recommend various ayurvedic tips and home remedies for weight loss after delivery. They teach how to lose weight after pregnancy. These ayurvedic home remedies to lose weight after pregnancy are in regular practice in Indian house hold. These healthy methods help to maintain good health and also to lose weight after pregnancy.

Texts of Ayurveda advice healthy methods to maintain good health and also to lose weight after pregnancy. After delivery, all the three balancing forces of body (tridoshas – vata dosha, pitta dosha and kapha dosha) will be vitiated. The first step is to bring back these vitiated doshas to normalcy.

Ayurvedic physicians advice the following routine for the first three months of your post-pregnancy weight-loss spree

Jeera Water after Delivery for weight loss

Always drink 10- 12 glasses of hot jeera (Cumin Seeds) water. This boosts body metabolism and keeps all body activities normal. To prepare this, add two tea spoons of jeera (Read Health Benefits of Cumin or Jeera Seeds) to a litre of water and boil it well. You can also use ajwain water after delivery. Always buy organic jeera and organic ajwain.

Ayurvedic Kadha for Weight loss  after pregnancy:

As a conventional post pregnancy therapy, we recommend our patients to use dashamoolarishta in dose of 10 ml twice daily after food. If you are willing to use please consult an ayurvedic physician before consuming it. This preparation helps to normalise vata and normalised vata boosts fat metabolism.

You can also use ayurvedic kadhas in form of teas. Check these kadhas which help to boost immunity, manages body weight and balance vata dosha

Balant Kadha no.1

Balant Kada 1 contains herbs like Rasna (Vanda roxburghii), Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia), Vasa (Adhatoda vasica), Devadaru (Cedrus deodara), Vidanga (Embelia ribes), Shunthi (Zingiber officinale). These herbs help to reduce post pregnancy inflammation and speeds up recovery and healing.

Benefits of balant kada 1 after delivery or post pregnancy

  1. According to manufacturer it
  2. Relieves pain and inflammation in the new mother.
  3. Improves appetite, restores Agni – digestions strength
  4. Improves immunity in the mother against cold and cough symptoms.

Dosage : 4 Teaspoon Full (tsf) (20 ml) 2 times a day after meal for first 10 days immediately after delivery or as directed by physician

Balant Kada 2

Balant Kada 2 is An ancient herbal blend of several powerful Indian spices -Eranda (Ricinus communis), Gambhari (Gmelina arborea), Bilwa (Aegle maemelos), Vidari (Desmodiun gangecticum), Trivrut (operculina turpethum)

Dosage: 4 tsf (20 ml) 2 times a day from 11th day to 20th day after delivery or as directed by physician.

Balant Kada 3

Balant Kada 3 contains Shyonak (Oroxylum indicum), Bilwa (Aegle marmelos), Manjishtha (Rubia cordifolia), Triphala, Yashtimadhu (Glycyrrhiza glabra),Jatamnasi (Nardostachys jatamansi)

Balant Kadha No 3 provides strength to reproductive organs and pacifies the Vata dosha. (Post 20th day after delivery). Acts as an immunity booster to new mothers and provides strength to new mothers. Helps to increase appetite and provides proper nourishment from food to new mothers. Prevents post partum complications like fever, cold, indigestion and body ache. Enhances production of mother’s milk and to restores the gynecological health of a new mom. Beneficial for maintaining hormonal balance after delivery.

Keep yourself warm.

Increased warmth boosts blood circulation and helps in quick metabolism of fat. Elevated temperature speeds up burning of calories.

Body Massage after Delivery:

Massage (Read Manifold Wonders of Massage Therapy ) your body for 20 minutes, twice in a week with warm organic sesame oil . After massage take hot water bath. Instead of soap or body wash, use an organic shikakai powder (soap nut powder) as body scrub. This method of applying powdered scrub is known as udhvartana in Ayurveda . This is specially used in treatment of obesity. In this method massage is done in a ‘down to up’ motion (opposite to the traditional or conventional massage as done in Abhyanga in which strokes are given from upward to downward). Massage is done in a direction opposite to that of the body hair growth (which point downwards). You can also prepare ayurvedic body scrub for glowing skin at home

Ayurvedic Diet after Delivery for weight loss

Avoid too much of sweets, junk food, oily or deep fried foods. These type of foods pump calories into body and do more harm than good.

Add Pure Organic Ghee to Your Diet

Pure Ghee has a special place in Ayurveda and post pregnancy diet. Ghee supplies the needed oil medium to dissolve vitamins during metabolism. Two tea spoons of ghee per day is advisable.

Traditionally new mums are offered specific sweet greasy foods during first three months after childbirth. Most of these foods are high in calories because they are made with a lot of ghee and sugar. While you do need extra calories to breastfeed it’s important to eat healthily to avoid excess weight gain. So, strictly say no to sweets and processed sugar.

Garlic Milk Recipe for post pregnancy weight loss

Texts of Ayurveda recommend Lasuna ksheera  ( Read Garlic Milk Health Benefits and Recipe ) for new mothers. Lasuna is garlic and ksheera is milk . Thus garlic milk helps in a great way to clear the clogged metabolic paths and reduce body cholesterol. Here is the recipe to prepare garlic milk-

Take 4-5 cloves of garlic and boil them in a glass of milk. Do not add sugar. Consume this milk twice daily after breakfast and dinner.

Healthy ayurvedic spices for weight loss after pregnancy

Ayurveda acharyas believe that spices like long pepper or pippali, jeera (cumin seeds) and ajwain (carom seeds), cinnamon,  play a great role in bringing back the balance between vital forces. Dietician opine that these spices greatly help in weight loss. Here is a simple recipe to use these spices in opt proportion.

Ayurvedic weight loss tea contains spices and herbs like cumin seeds, black cardamom, cinnamon, amla, Haritaki and Vibhitaki which act as powerful fat burners.

Jeera and Ajwain water for post pregnancy weight loss

Take 3 parts of jeera 1 part of pepper and ½ part of ajwain. Fry these separately with little ghee. Mix all these spices and powder them in a blender. Store this spice mix in an airtight jar. ½ tea spoon of this mix has to be consumed with a serving spoon of hot rice, ½ tea spoon ghee and little salt during lunch and dinner. Avoid using pepper and ajwain if you have haemorrhoids or constipation problem.

Follow a healthy ayurvedic diet for postpartum weight loss:

>Include green leafy vegetables specially dill leaves and spinach in your diet. Do not opt for uncooked foods.

Always eat well balanced diet. Keep snacks like oat biscuits, wheat rusks, whole wheat biscuits at home. Munch on these when you are hungry. Apple slices  , vegetable salads and dry fruits can also be eaten when you have hunger pangs.

Never try to exercise during first three months.

After three months of recuperation, simple non strenuous exercises like walking (Read Benefits of Daily Brisk Walking  ), yogasanas and light weight lifting can be performed for 45 minutes daily. Other than these daily house hold works or office works can be attended to.

Lemon and Honey for a healthy weight loss

Warm water with lemon and honey ( Read Do Lemon And Honey Reduce Body Fat ? ) has to be consumed first thing in morning. This effectively detoxifies body and boosts fat burning.

Continue using the jeera, pepper and ajwain mix in salads and smoothies. Watch your calories and consume nutritious food. Make it a habit to eat a fistful of dry fruits like almonds , figs , raisins  and walnuts in mid-morning (at 11 am), which help in supplying vital vitamins and minerals.  Fruits like watermelon, pomegranate  , apple, sweet lime, orange etc are less in calories. These can be easily added to your diet. Cooked pulses like horse gram (read horse gram for weight loss), chick peas, egg white, lean meat and fish also provide good amount of protein. Take your dinner before 8.00PM.

In a Nutshell Ayurvedic Tips to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

    1. Avoid crash diet. This may cause reduction in breast milk and also quality of breast milk.
    2. Incorporate healthy diet rich in nutrients into your daily routine. Consult your family physician or dietician before starting this.
    3. Include exercises like yoga and pranayama in your daily routine. Take opinion of your gynecologist before starting any exercise. Women who have undergone caesarian section should start exercises after 6 months.
    4. Breast feed baby. This helps to reduce the post pregnancy fat and tone up the muscles which are strained during pregnancy and delivery. Always bind an Abdominal Belt for Tummy Reduction .
  1. Do not start any diet or exercise till the baby completes 12 weeks. You need at least 12 weeks of rest after delivery. Body needs this 12 weeks time to recuperate from pregnancy and delivery.
  2. Any strenuous work before this period may lead to muscle cramps, passing of blood clots and other complications.
  3. Don’t be in a hurry to lose weight. Slow weight reduction is always advisable. Losing one or two pounds per week is always ideal.
  4. Avoid sweets, fast foods, soft drinks, processed and deep fried food.
  5. Keep full stock of fresh fruits and vegetable at home.
  6. Snack on vegetable salads, fresh fruits and dry fruits.
  7. Add sprouts to salads and other recipes. This increases nutritional value of the recipe. Your diet should be high in nutrients and low in calories.
  8. According to principles of ayurveda vata dosha gets vitiated during delivery. Hence both mother and child should be massaged with herbal oil (usually ksheerabala oil is recommended for massaging mother). Massage and warm water bath helps to balance vata and strengthen the muscles.
  9. Spices like turmeric, pepper, long pepper, ginger are added to mother’s diet. This helps to normalize digestion and prevents accumulation of fat.
  10. Milk has to be consumed twice daily to fulfill the needs of nutrients. Consumption of skimmed milk is a good choice.
  11. Mother should get sufficient sleep. Avoid stressful conditions. Stress causes secretion of stress hormones which may lead to binge eating.

Essential oils for post pregnancy weight loss

Texts of ayurveda recommend to follow dinacharya or ayurvedic daily routine. In this routine acharyas advice to follow body massage  or abhyanga.  There are Innumerable benefits of massage therapy. You can incorporate essential oils for abhyanga to aid weight loss.

Here is a list of few essential oils which help you to shed some pounds.

Ginger oil

Ginger also known as shunti is praised as best weight loss herb. Its essential oil can be added to bathing water or you can inhale this through diffusers.

Lemon Oil

We are familiar with lemon and honey as weight loss drink. Lemon essential oil also exhibit same medicinal properties. Inhaling its fragrance help to get rid of nausea and vomiting. It eases digestion too. You can diffuse this oil using a diffuser.  You can check for best essential oil diffusers available online.

Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil helps to improve recovery time after you exercise. Its fragrance helps to suppress food cravings . This can be either added to massage oil or bathing water or can be diffused.

Best diet and good exercises will help in a long way to lose post pregnancy weight. Patience and perseverance is the mantra. Your efforts will definitely yield good results. You’ll be more beautiful, graceful and a glowing mommy. Remember : Happy mommy = Happy baby.

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Author: Dr.Savitha Suri , Consultant Ayurvedic Physician

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