Men Beware- Mustard and Mustard Oil Can Kill Sperms

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Effect of Mustard and mustard oil on sperm – They can kill sperms. Ayurveda warns men not to consume mustard and use its oil in more quantities as it can lower sperm count and motility.

Mustard has various culinary uses. It is widely used in almost all cuisines. Mustard and its oil are regularly used in Indian cooking.

Ayurveda and Mustard or Sarshapa

Texts of Ayurveda describe the medicinal properties of this spice. Mustard is known as “Sarshapa” in Ayurveda. Acharyas describe two types of mustard – “peetha sarshapa” or yellow mustard and “Rakta sarshapa” or black mustard. Mustard oil is widely used in North India. 

According to principles of Ayurveda both type of mustards are hot in potency and cause dryness of tissues. This spice tastes hot and bitter (tikta rasa). This spice imbalances blood or rakta dhatu and pitta (metabolic enzymes). But when mustard oil is massaged on skin reduces itching and rashes. 

Does mustard seed kill sperms and affect fertility ?

mustard sperm count , mustard kills sperm, mustard oil stretch marks, mustard ayurveda

This spice generates heat in body and boosts blood circulation. Hence it is recommended in men who have erectile dysfunction.  By virtue of its hot properties mustard destroys shukra dhatu, reduces accumulated kapha and vata. Since shukra dhatu nourishes semen and boosts sperm count, its reduction can cause low sperm count and motility. It may reduce fertility of men by reducing semen volume.

Can mustard oil be used as lubricant and for penis massage by men ?

Using mustard oil as lubricant can kill sperms. Hence men who want to start their family must use this spicy herb in limited quantities. Mustard oil may cause burning sensation on skin. 

Use of mustard aggravates some conditions like haemorrhoids , migraine (Read Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Headache ), low sperm count and acidity. 

Ayurveda Health Benefits of Mustard

  1. Mustard has antihelmenthic properties. Hence texts of ayurveda recommend powdered seeds and oil to treat intestinal parasites.
  2. Women can use this oil for facial and body massage (Read Manifold Wonders of Massage Therapy ) . Mustard oil increases fairness and enhances glow of skin (read Easy skin care routine to increase glow and fairness ) as it increases cutaneous blood circulation and helps to eliminate toxins. It reduces dryness on external applications and increases dryness of skin when used internally.
  3. Mustard oil exhibits anti-inflamatory properties and helps to reduce pain and inflammation. This oil has to be warmed little by keeping in a hot water bowl. Warmed oil when applied on joints or massaged on aching muscles help to relieve pain, swelling and improve blood circulation.
  4. Mustard when consumed in limited quantities help to relieve water retention.
  5. Women who have irregular periods or scanty flow during menstrual cycle are benefitted by this spice. They can use this to regularise it. It increases menstrual flow.
  6. Mustard oil is recommended for oil pulling. This helps to get rid of gum diseases and caries.
  7. Massaging gums with mustard oil and rock salt (sendha namak) help to reduce gum ulcers.
  8. Post pregnancy stretch marks can be addressed with mustard oil massage.
  9. Massaging body with this oil helps to strengthen the muscles and simulates nerves.
  10. Very useful in diabetes and diabetes related erectile dysfunction as it lowers blood sugar level and increases blood circulation.

Who should not use mustard ?

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  1. It is contra indicated in pregnancy and during lactation.
  2. Men who want to increase their sperm count and motility.
  3. Persons who suffer from migraine headaches, acidity and piles.

Caution: This spice has poisonous effects when used in large quantity. Consult your physician before using this for medicinal purpose.

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