5 Top Neem Tulsi Face Pack for Pimples

Neem Tulsi face packs help to reduce acne, pimples and black heads due to their anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and skin rejuvenating properties. Here we have listed 5 top neem tulsi face packs for pimples and acne.

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Neem and Tulsi for Skin

Neem and tulsi is ayurveda’s well-known herbal combination of two powerful herbs which help to overcome all skin problems.  This combination revitalises dull, lifeless skin, prevents acne & dirt accumulation.

In Ayurveda neem is referred as “sarva roga nivarini” and tulsi is praised as “kushtaghna” which means the herb which helps to relieve skin diseases. Tulsi is deeply absorbed by the skin, reaching all layers evenly and making it possible for purification and cleansing to happen on the surface. Neem is a power ingredient when it comes to skin care. Neem is packed with omega – 3 fatty acid, omega – 6 fatty acid, omega -9 fatty acid, vitamin e, antioxidants.

A quick look at 5 Top Neem Tulsi Face Pack for Pimples available in India

#1 Khadi Mauri Herbal Neem Tulsi Face Pack 100 g

Khadi Mauri Herbal neem tulsi face pack is an herbal ayurvedic formulation which is  handcrafted & handmade using natural neem and tulsi extracts .This face pack acts as an Anti-acne & anti tan pack. It helps to eliminate dirt & protects skin from pollution and sun damage

How to use Khadi Mauri Herbal neem tulsi face pack :

Mix sufficient quantity of Khadi Mauri Herbal neem tulsi face pack with water or rose water and apply on face & neck for 30 minutes. Use this regularly, preferably once in a week for best results

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#2 The Body Care Neem Tulsi Face Pack, 500 g

The body care’s neem plus tulsi face pack is uniquely formulated product with excellent antibacterial and antiseptic property. It is best suited for oily or acne prone skin. It reduces oiliness of the skin and helps control bacterial growth responsible for acne and pimples

How to use The body care’s neem plus tulsi face pack

Apply The body care’s neem plus tulsi face pack gently to face and neck. Avoid applying over eyes. Leave this on face to completely dry. Rinse with water and tap dry the facial skin gently.

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#3 Aryanveda Neem Tulsi Face Pack (400gm)

Aryanveda’s Neem and Tulsi Pack is specifically designed to broom away pimples. A perfect alignment of these natural ayurvedic herbs, counter the causes responsible for pimples and eradicate them from roots. Being excellent skin purifiers, they clean the inner epidermis. Its regular use keeps pimples at bay.

How to use Aryanveda’s Neem and Tulsi Pack:

Apply Aryanveda Neem & Tulsi Pack on your face and neck. Leave it to dry for 4-5 minutes. Rinse it off with cold water for better results

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#4 The EnQ Neem Tulsi Mud Mask 100gm

The EnQ Neem-Tulsi Mud Mask Packed with Goodness of Neem & Tulsi. The Anti Ageing Property of Neem-Tulsi Keeps the Skin Supple, Rejuvenates and also Lightens Blemishes. It also Protects Skin From Sun Damages.This face pack Detoxifies Skin & Gives Natural Glow. This mud – mask boosts skin’s collagen & elastin production to increase elasticity, firmness, softness, and smoothness. It’s anti-fungal properties also helps lighten scars and pigmentation that are caused by acne. These combinations of these two herbs makes your skin clear.

How To Use The EnQ Neem Tulsi Mud Mask :-

Clean Your Face with Lukewarm Water, Take a Generous amount of The EnQ Neem-Tulsi Mud Mask  & Spread it Evenly on the Face, Leave it on for 15-20 min., Wash Away With Cold Water, Pat Dry and Apply a Light Moisturizing Cream to Seal the Deal.

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 #5 PINK PLUMS Neem-Tulsi Face Pack with Vitamin E 250 ml

PINK PLUMS Neem-Tulsi Face Pack Cleanses, tightens and brightens the skin. It removes deep-embedded impurities. It is suitable for all skin types. Use this pack daily or as needed to lighten and brighten the complexion. With regular use, skin regains it natural glow and smoothness and stays nourished throughout the week

The natural composition of this remarkable Face Pack, works wonders on your skin through regular treatments, and helps to improve it’s health and texture. It’s effect reaches till deep of your skin to make it glow, from within. You can see, over a short period of time, how the components of the pack rejuvenates your skin and enhances the texture , complexion and glow of skin. It works well with normal to oily skin, and helps to keep it smooth, moisturized and healthy.

How to use PINK PLUMS Neem-Tulsi Face Pack:

Apply PINK PLUMS Neem-Tulsi Face Pack evenly over cleansed face and neck Leave on for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with water or damp washcloth.