Obesity and Female Hair Loss

Obesity and Female Hair Loss

obesity and female hair lossObesity in women may be a cause for hair loss. In our clinical practice we have observed a large number of obese women having thin hair. This may be due to obesity related health conditions like- diabetes. Some underlying causes for obesity, like thyroid problems, can also cause hair loss. Apart from these there are various reasons which point towards obesity as main cause of hair loss in women. Let us view them

  • Usually obese people lead a sedentary life. Reduced physical activity restricts peripheral blood circulation. Thus scalp skin gets deprived of good blood supply and hair follicles get weakened. This leads to hair loss.
  • Based on statistics obese people tend to eat too much of fatty food. These foods contain saturated fatty acids which are detrimental to health of hair.
  • Stress and Obesity create a vicious cycle. That is stress leads to obesity and obesity exaggerates stress. Increased stress is the main reason for hair loss.
  • As mentioned earlier obesity leads to many health conditions like diabetes, hypertension, increased blood cholesterol etc. Medications prescribed for these conditions may also cause hair loss.
  • Increased body fat imbalances body hormones. In obese men, increased body fat cells tend to produce estrogen (female hormone) where as in women increased fat cells tend to produce testosterone (male hormone). These imbalances can cause hair loss both in female and male.
  • Obese people suffer from mal nourishment. Consuming nutrient rich foods help to cope up with hair loss.

Ayurvedic methods to prevent hair loss

Ayurveda acharyas consider hair and nail as byproduct of asthi dhatu (bone). Whenever the composition of asthi dhatu is affected the quality of its byproducts are also affected. We all know obesity can cause osteoporosis or thinning of bone. Thus ayurveda clearly indicates that thinning of bone leads to thinning of hair.

To prevent hair loss caused due to obesity the following measures have to be taken.

  1. Take all steps to reduce body weight. (Lose weight through these 17 guaranteed methods).
  2. Eat healthy foods which are rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals.
  3. Massage your scalp with ayurvedic hair oil which contains hair friendly herbs. Head massage also reduces stress (Check on this KESHPRIDE hair oil to prevent hair loss. It contains hair friendly, anti-dandruff and stress relieving herbs.) Massaging head with warm herbal oil improves blood circulations and increases nutrient supply to hair follicles.
  4. Practice Pranayama and Meditation to keep stress at bay.
  5. Consume a glass of warm herbal weight loss tea which is rich in antioxidants and fat burners. Antioxidants reduce the hair damage and fat burners help to reduce body weight.(Check for anti oxidant rich NILOBESE AYURVEDIC TEA for weight loss )