Obesity and Low Sperm Count- An Ayurveda View

Researches have shown that obesity in men can cause low sperm count. Losing weight increase sperm count. Ayurveda also says that obesity (medha dhatu vruddhi) can cause shukra dhatu kshaya leading to male infertility

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Obesity and Low Sperm Count

Obesity and male infertility – Ayurveda View

Can losing weight increase sperm count ?

Tips for Men to Reduce Obesity

Obesity and Low Sperm Count

Various Studies have reported that about 30-40% of the cases of infertility are traceable to disorders in the male. And, researchers are coming out with an ever-growing body of evidence which shows that there is a definite link between male infertility  and obesity .

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The root cause in many of the cases related to obesity is a condition known as “metabolic syndrome”. Metabolic Syndrome is actually a group of disorders consisting of diabetes and other malfunctions of insulin, glucose absorption, heart disease, high blood pressure, increased distribution of fat, and disordered lipids.

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When a person is obese the fat cells produce the female hormone estrogen. Excess estrogen in turn produces yet more fat cells and the cycle continues. The excess estrogen in the male bloodstream interferes with the normal function of the testicles. Increased estrogen hormone also suppresses the male hormones which are needed for normal function of testes. Impaired testicular function leads to impaired amount of testosterone. This imbalanced condition of estrogen and testosterone affect sperm production. The quality and quantity of semen plummets due to low sperm count, low sperm motility and low sperm volume.

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Another reason for infertility due to obesity is the fat layer of abdomen tend to overlap scrotum and increase its temperature. Thus overheating of testicles cause low sperm count.
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Obesity and male infertility – Ayurveda View

According to principles of Ayurveda obesity can affect fertility of men. Obesity occurs due to vitiation of Medha Dhatu (body fat). This affects the balance of its successive dhatu which is Shukra dhatu (semen + male hormone). Balanced shukra dhatu improves fertility of men. Thus the variations in balance of these two dhatus affect fertility of men.

Can losing weight increase sperm count ?

Yes, Many studies have shown that obese men who suffer from low sperm count tend to boost their fertility when they lose weight. Weight loss boosts testosterone the male hormone. Weight loss also improves sexual function and prevents erectile dysfunction which happens due to obesity.

According to ayurvedic methodology medha dhatu or body fat when increased block the body channels which supply nutrients to male reproductive organ. This causes infertility and Impotence in men. Weight loss paves way for clearance of srotas or body channels. This aids in unabated supply of nutrients to male reproductive organ and improves production of healthy sperms.

Tips for Men to Reduce Obesity

Now what is the practical approach to break the link between obesity and male infertility? It is to reduce weight or taking immediate action to lose weight. Here are few tips which can be adopted to lose weight.

  1. Cut your meal and snack portion sizes in half.
  2. No second servings.
  3. Fill your plate with half fruits and veggies, one fourth for protein, and one fourth for grains.
  4. Stop “mindless eating”. Do not eat in front of the TV!
  5. Eliminate all sugar-sweetened beverages immediately.
  6. Read the label before buying. If it contains added sugars, fats and more calories per serving do not buy.
  7. Stop drinking regular sodas, iced tea, drinks called special “coffee”.
  8. Use water to quench your thirst. Drink other beverages only for something to sip on.
  9. Take a walk after lunch or dinner, preferably both. A brisk walk for 45 minutes daily helps (Read Benefits and Advantages of Daily Brisk Walking) . (This is a good time to re-connect with your spouse. She could probably use the exercise too).
  10. Routinely park your vehicle at a distant point in the parking lot.
  11. Get in the habit of taking the stairs instead of the elevator. You can routinely use the bathroom, or consult with a colleague on another floor and use the stairs to get there.
  12. Regularly use ayurvedic herbs in your diet. Herbs like bitter gourd (bitter melon or karela)  cinnamon, cumin or jeera, amla, Turmeric or Haldi etc.

Weight loss has helped many men to overcome infertility. This practical approach will help to overcome male infertility due to obesity.

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Reference Mechanisms linking obesity to male infertility

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