Ayurvedic Home Remedies, Tips, Facepacks for Oily Skin

Oily skin makes skin dull and more prone to acne and pimples. Ayurvedic treatment for oily skin includes ayurvedic diet, herbs , ayurvedic face packs and exercises.

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What causes oily skin ?

Problems of Oily skin

Ayurveda natural herbal tips for oily skin.

Ayurvedic Face packs for oily skin

What causes oily skin ?

The following conditions cause oily skin

  1. Hormonal imbalances in adolescence cause oily skin. This type of skin is common in teenagers. The oil secretion in skin increases during teen age and decreases as age advances.
  2. Hormonal imbalance may appear during pregnancy and menopause, which lead to increase secretion of oil from oil glands of skin.
  3. Contraceptive pills and cosmetics also tend to increase the oil secretion.
  4. Humidity and hot weather naturally increase oil secretion from oil glands of skin.
  5. Consuming junk foods which are excess in oil can also increase oil secretions in skin.

The oil producing glands of skin are overactive and produce more oil. The excess oil, which oozes out gives the skin a greasy shine and the enlarged pores make the skin look coarse.

Ayurvedic Causes for Oily Skin

The qualities of skin are determined by tridoshas. The Dosha, which is dominant in skin, determines the type and quality of the skin.

When Kapha dosha is dominant, the skin will be oily, shiny and soft. The skin will have a glowing  fair complexion. Wrinkles develop much later in life.

When Kapha dosha gets imbalanced in body and skin , skin pores get enlarged and acne pimples start appearing.

Unhealthy diet, lifestyle, increased intake of starchy, sweet and fatty foods imbalance kapha dosha.

Problems of Oily skin:

Oily skin leads to Enlarged pores, Black heads, Acne, pimples and coarse pores. It makes skin look more oily and dull. Fungal infections and moist eczema are more common for people with oily skin. Too much of oil on skin makes the person to look dark.

Ayurveda natural herbal tips for oily skin

Proper Washing of skin

Oily skin needs a thorough cleansing ritual. Wash skin with plenty of warm water (2-3 times a day) and mild soap or herbal scrub to prevent clogging of pores. Warm water dissolves clogged oil and helps to balance kapha dosha. Avoid too much washing of skin as it leads to overproduction of oil to compensate the loss.

Say no to Chemicals

Chemicals can strip off natural oils of skin. Avoid using face wash or body wash with harsh chemicals to remove oil, as some amount of natural oil is needed to maintain the texture of skin. Harsh chemicals do more harm to skin than good.

Use a suitable moisturiser

A good moisturiser is always very essential to protect skin from harsh environment and also to increase moistness of skin. When you have an oily skin use a moisturizer which is free of oil. Hence check the label for ingredients before choosing the moisturiser.

Choose your cosmetics

Avoid sticky make up, which clogs the pores. Use cosmetics which are free of chemicals and lot of oil. Before applying a make up for oily skin dab your face with lime juice and wash it off after 5-6 minutes. This ensures clean face and unclogged pores. Always make a patch test before applying any cosmetics.

Eat a healthy Ayurvedic Diet

Consume healthy ayurveda diet which includes foods that balance kapha dosha. Avoid heavy and fried fatty food. Say no to cheese and sugar rich deserts. Consume light, well-spiced food as they balance kapha. Include ginger, pepper, and long pepper or pippali in diet. Avoid foods which cause constipation . Take plenty of leafy green vegetables and fresh fruits. Drink 7 to 8 glasses of warm water daily. Avoid excessive consumption of soft drinks, alcohol, tea, coffee and chocolates. Drink wheat grass juice daily. You can add little ginger, a tea spoon of lemon and honey to this juice.

Exercise regularly

A regular exercise is very important to control oil secretion on skin. A daily brisk walk for 45 minutes, helps to get rid of extra fat, relieves constipation and boosts blood circulation. It also improves digestion. Include yoga, meditation and deep breathing exercises in your daily routine. These help to keep stress at bay.

Follow Ayurvedic Routines

Follow a daily ayurvedic skin detox routine. Ayurvedic daily routine (dinacharya) and ayurvedic seasonal routine (rutucharya) help to keep excess oil on skin at bay.

Ayurvedic Face packs for oily skin

Texts of ayurveda recommend herbs like amla (Indian gooseberry) , Sariva (Anatmool) , Manjishta,  Lodhra, Turmeric (haldi), Methi (fenugreek) etc for oily skin.

The following home made ayurvedic face packs help to reduce excess oil on skin

Lemon face packs

  1. Apply half spoon of lemon juice mixed with half spoon of cucumber juice to face half an hour before taking bath.
  2. Mix equal parts of lemon juice and water. Apply this mixture on face and rinse it first with warm water and then followed by cold water after it dries.

Honey and Egg

2 teaspoons of honey mixed well in one egg white makes a very good face pack for oily skin. Apply this on face and wash it off with plain water after 10 minutes

Apple Face Pack

Place thin slices of apple on face for 15 minutes.This removes excess oil from face.

Home made neem face pack

Mix neem leaves juice with corn flour in equal proportion. Add little water to make it thin. Apply this pack on oily skin and wash it off with cold water when it dries.

Green gram and buttermilk

Prepare a scrub with green gram flour and dilute buttermilk. Scrub the face gently and wash it off with cold water. This removes dirt, dead skin and excess oil from oily skin

Mint and gram flour pack

Take 4 tea spoons of fresh mint leaves juice and add 1 tea spoon of gram flour (besan). Apply this pack and wash it off after 15 minutes. (Wash mint leaves thoroughly before juicing it.)

Papaya and lemon

Mash a table spoon of papaya and mix 1/2 tea spoon of lemon juice to it. Apply this pack on face and wait for 20 minutes before washing.

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