Overcoming low sperm count – By preventing overheating of testicles

Overcoming low sperm count – By preventing overheating of testicles

overcoming low sperm count, overheating of testicles,Testicles in men secrete male hormones and also help in sperm production. Testes function properly only when they are cooler than rest of the body. Hence anatomically they are structured (hanged outside the body) such that they do not experience the body heat. If testes are subjected to high temperatures, the increased heat can kill the sperms and cause low sperm count.

According ayurveda acharya Sushruta, testicles are made of Kapha and medha dhatu (fat). Kapha and medhas help in production of shukra dhatu, which is the combination of testosterone and semen. Increased heat destroys kapha and medas . This hinders production of shukra dhatu. Thus overheating of testicles can reduce testosterone level.

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Causes of overheating of testicles:-.

There are numerous factors which increase the temperature of testicles. They are

  1. Wearing tight undergarments.
  2. Wearing pants with tight skin hugging crotches.
  3. Taking bath in hot saunas.
  4. Working in front of hot furnace or in hot climate.
  5. Keeping lap top on your laps for long hours.
  6. Soaking in tub bath filled with hot water.
  7. Sitting for a long time on a cushioned chair.

Overcoming low sperm count by preventing overheating of testicles-

  1. Wear comfortable supportive cotton undergarments.
  2. Wear pants which are lose at crotch and do not push testicles inside the body.
  3. Never sit in hot steam bath or saunas for a long time. If you are sitting in a steam bath chamber place a wet cotton cloth on your scrotum.
  4. Protect the scrotum with proper heat resisting pants when you work in hot climate or near furnaces.
  5. Avoid keeping lap tops on laps for long hours. Keep them on lap only when it is inevitable.
  6. If you are willing to enjoy a tub bath, fill it with luke warm water. By no means use hot water tubs.
  7. Never sit for long hours on a chair. Make it a habit to get up from chair once in 30 minutes and walk around for 5 minutes to push the heat out of testicular region. This also helps to increase blood circulation.
  8. Kapha and medhas, which aid normal function of testicles, get vitiated due to overheating. This leads to reduction in sperm production causing low sperm count in men. According to texts of ayurveda dipping scrotum in a mug of cold water,( which is at room temperature) for few minutes helps to normalize kapha and medhas by reducing temperature of testicles. This increases sperm production. The process can be repeated number of times whenever you feel heat in testicular region. Another method to cool testicles is, a thin soft cotton cloth has to be dipped in cold water and is placed on genital area for 3 minutes.

With these methods one can prevent over heating of testicles and overcome low sperm count.

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