“Purusha” or man who balances the world

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ayurveda, basics of ayurveda, purushaIn the pages of “Charak Samhita” it has been stated that Satwa (mind), Atma (soul) and Sharira (body) are like the legs of a tripod upon which the world rests. The world stays balanced when these three are in a balanced condition. The fusion of these (mind, soul and body) is called “Purusha” (man) in ayurveda. Purusha can turn the world into heaven or hell.

A Purusha (man) with a healthy, balanced satwa ( mind) is eager to help man kind and the surrounding world to lead a comfortable and peaceful life. They invent new technologies and find novel ways to achieve their goals. Thus the first support of the tripod is a healthy mind.

An unhealthy body fails to co operate with the healthy mind in achieving its goals. Hence the second leg of the tripod i.e “the body” should be healthy to maintain the balance.

A good soul which has traversed a path of good deeds in its previous life helps the healthy mind and body to achieve the goals. Thus the combination of a healthy body, healthy mind and a good soul keep the world in balanced condition.

Ayurveda always aims to keep the “purusha” in a balanced condition so that the world will always remain well balanced.

Nuclear weapons, bombs, wars, genocides, homicides, racism etc are results of unhealthy minds . These unhealthy minds are the reason why the world is becoming increasingly unfit to live in.