Rativriddhikara Modaka – A Superior ayurvedic aphrodisiac food for men

Rativriddhikara Modaka – A Superior ayurvedic aphrodisiac food for men

aphrodisiac food for menTexts of ayurveda contain a special chapter known as “Vajikarana Adhyaya”. This chapter deals with the treatment methods ( Vajikarana Therapy ), herbal recipes and herbal preparations which are beneficial in improving potency of men. These preparations which are also known as “Vajikarana preparations” increase sexual energy and stamina by leaps and bounds.

The ayurvedic texts “Yogaratnakara” recommends one such herbal recipe which is superior to all other recipes. It is superior because it contains best aphrodisiac herbs as its ingredients. This recipe is known as “Rativriddhikara Modaka”. The meaning of word “Rativriddhikara” is – the preparation which increases libido.

The method of preparation goes as follows

Ingredients herbs:

  1. Shweta Musli (safed Musli) -33 gms
  2. Kapikacchu – 33 gms
  3. Ashwagandha – 33 gms
  4. Shatavari – 33 gms
  5. Vidari Kanda – 33 gms
  6. Gokshura – 33 gms
  7. Makhana – 50 gms
  8. ghee – 250 gms
  9. Milk – 2 liters
  10. sugar – 500 gm
  11. Dry fruits – (optional)
  12. Cardamon – (optional)

All the above mentioned herbs except makhana have to be powdered and taken in equal proportion (Or buy 2 jars of Vajimix a ready mix of above mentioned herbs (1-5) in proper proportion). Take Makhana and fry it in a tea spoon of ghee till it becomes crisp. Powder it and keep it aside. Mix milk which weighs eight times the total weight of herbs. Add ghee which weighs equal to herb mixture. Take sugar which weighs twice the weight of herbs and add it the above mixture. Heat the whole mix of herbs, milk, ghee and sugar in a thick bottomed vessel. Remove it from flame when mixture thickens and starts leaving the surface of vessel. Dry fruits like raisins, cashews, almonds and pistachios can e added at this stage Prepare round ball like modakas. These have to be administered after determining the strength of agni in a patient.