Relationship Between Obesity and Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence)

relationship between obesity impotenceScientists through various studies have found that there is a strong link between obesity and erectile dysfunction. They have found that when men follow a weight loss regimen their quality of sexual life improves. Loss of fat improves blood circulation and strengthens cardio vascular system.

Even in ancient texts of Ayurveda a strong link between body fat and potency of man has been mentioned. Medha dhatu or body fat when get vitiated can decrease shukra dhatu or semen and can cause claibya or impotence.

A study which was conducted in 2001 – 2007 on 2000 men who complained of erectile dysfunction showed that loss of weight improved blood flow to male genital organ. Higher the degree of obesity lower was the blood flow to penis. In this study many obese men showed low level of testosterone. Testosterone is the principle sexual hormone in a male. Testosterone increases libido, blood flow, and energy.

Apart from these, obesity increases the risk of diabetes and hypertension. It is very common to find erectile dysfunction in diabetes. Sedentary work, not exercising regularly, unhealthy diet and stress cause obesity. Same causes have been explained in Ayurveda as reasons for obesity. It has been said that Avyayama (not exercising), atyashana (eating more food), madhurahara (sweets), atinidrata (sleeping excessively) etc can cause obesity which leads to impotence

Maintaining good physical health through various cardiovascular exercise and weight loss programmes are an effective method in fighting erectile dysfunction. The process of erection begins when blood rushes to male genital organ. Increased blood pressure and low testosterone affect the flow of blood causing loss of erection. Weight loss improves blood pressure and testosterone level.

Here are few ayurvedic weight loss tips which help to improve sexual life of men.

  1. Drink a glass of warm water as soon as you wake up in early morning with a half lemon squeezed into it. You can add a tea spoon of honey if you are not a diabetic.
  2. Go for a brisk walk for 45 minutes after this. Walking is the best exercise for men who have impotence.
  3. Avoid alcohol and quit smoking. Both these are detrimental to your sexual life. Smoking and erectile dysfunction have a strong link.
  4. Include green vegetables, fresh fruits in your diet.
  5. Say no to junk foods and oily foods.
  6. Keep sweets, ice creams, aerated drinks and soft drinks at bay.
  7. Use ginger, cumin seeds and fennel seeds in diet. These are natural fat burners.
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