Rheumatoid arthritis (amavata) ayurveda remedy and tips

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Rheumatoid arthritis (amavata) ayurveda remedy and tips

Rheumatoid arthritisThe Ayurvedic Treatment for Rheumatoid arthritis or Amavata.The line of treatment in ayurveda for rheumatoid arthritis involves the following steps.

  • Avoiding the formation of ama by increasing the body fire.
  • Expelling the already formed ama .
  • Reduction of inflammation in joints.
    ( By providing natural calcium supplement)

The rheumatoid arthritis or amavata ayurvedic treatment therapy involves the above mentioned steps

Tips to reduce pain in joints

Ayurveda tips to reduce pain

Selfcare for Arthritis

1. In arthritis Gentle exercises like walking , yoga are helpful. Stop any exercise if joints are inflamed and painful.
2. A healthy diet which do not cause indigestion and constipation are advised. Foods which cause obesity should be avoided.
3. Weight should be controlled well.
4. Apply heat compresses to relax muscles and ease pain
5. Reduce stress by practicing yoga and meditation

Warm Water or Ushnodaka- An Ayurvedic hot water home remedy in joint pain

Knee pains – arthritis, Aamavata – rheumatism, Sciatica – Ranjanvata, pains in waist or neck regions etc. in all such cases, where vata is vitiated the boiled warm water is proven useful. Along with this, diet must be light to digest, avoiding oil and adopting ghee for sautéing of vegetables. The ushnodaka or warm water causes digestion of Ama, Kapha and to expel them through bowels, taking ½ to 1 tsp of Haritaki – Terminalia Chebula ( Harde) powder with warm water is advised. The dose of Harde can be adjusted to the strength of large intestine.

A well known Vaidya, Prabhashankarbhai of Gujarat, India used to cure all joint pains with just fasting and Haritaki, along with Ushnodaka ie.ayurvedic hot water therapy. Today, many of his disciples are propagating the philosophy. The joint pains, if not cured since long time or pain is unbearable, one should try ayurvedic system under the supervision of a nearby consultant.