Vata Dosha Balancing – An Ayurvedic Self Care for Dry Skin

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The main elemental combination of vata is space and air. Vata dosha’s characteristic is dryness and it is also seated in skin. Hence imbalanced vata dosha causes dry skin.

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Vata dosha and dry skin:

Vata Dosha Balancing for Dry Skin

Few dos and donts for dry skin

Vata is one of the three doshas or bodily humors or vital energetic force as described in ayurveda. The principle of three doshas is applied in ayurvedic medicine and treatment. Vata has unique sets of qualities which help in keeping the body healthy . This dosha when in balanced condition helps body to function normally.

The main characteristic of Vata dosha (the combination of the elements of air & space) is dryness,

Vata dosha and dry skin:


Vata is found in abundance in the skin, brain, ears, bones joints & thighs.

This makes it clear that when vata is imbalanced the skin becomes dry and dull. Hence Vata dosha balance is very important in ayurvedic dry skin care.

Those with a predominance of Vata in their constitution – are likely to have dark, curly, wiry or fine hair, delicate, fine skin with small even pores, that tans easily, nails that tend towards being brittle & fine, thin lips that crack easily . Imbalanced vata can cause dry, cracked hands, feet or nails, cracked heels, all dry skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

Pitta dosha and Kapha dosha are lame without Vata. They are moved by the force of Vata. So Vata is the most important of ayurveda bodily humors. And by keeping it regulated and balanced, we can attain better and greater health easily

Vata Dosha Balancing for Dry Skin

Avoid harsh environments which imbalance vata

Our skin has small oil glands dotted all over it. They secrete a natural oil to keep our skin soft and help to prevent drying of skin. The cells of skin also contain protective layer made of fats and proteins. This layer locks the moisture and protects our skin from harsh outside environment.

Exposing ourselves to harsh climate imbalances vata and strips off the natural oil on skin and they can also disrupt the protective layer of fat and protein. Even long hot water shower imbalances vata and can reduce oil secretion from skin.

Hence avoid long hot water showers to prevent the dry skin condition. Ayurveda acharyas recommend a luke warm water bath instead of hot water. A “just warm” water bath helps to retain the natural oil from oil glands of skin and also protect the protein –fat protective layer of skin. Warm water also balances doshas present in skin.

Warm water bath for a short time increases blood circulation through skin and helps in increased supply of essential nutrients and oxygen. It removes the dirt and excess grease accumulated on skin.

Start your day with rejuvenating, healthy, just warm water bath.

Body Massage to Balance vata


Massage your body with warm sesame oil. Ksheerabala oil is the ideal ayurvedic massage oil for dry skin care. Make it a routine to massage whole body with warm oil twice in a week.

Ayurvedic Face packs for dry facial skin


Dry skin leads to wrinkles and makes a person look aged. Dry skin can be kept soft and smooth by increasing moisture level of skin. Air conditioned rooms, sun, harsh soaps worsen the condition.

Papaya face Pack for dry skin


Take ripe papaya and scoop its pulp. Mash it well and mix with honey, milk and rose water. Apply this mask and wash it off after an hour.

Banana Face pack for dry skin


Mash a ripe banana and mix it with rose water. Apply this pack and wash it off with water after 1 hour.

Almond face pack for dry skin


Take few almonds and soak it over night. Mix it well with little milk and apply this pack. Wash it off after 15 minutes.

Few dos and donts for dry skin

1. Take steam to face before applying face pack.
2. Always wash off face packs with warm water.
3. Avoid air conditioned rooms and refrigerated foods and drinks.
4. Drink plenty of water, fresh fruit juice and vegetables.
5. Do not take long showers

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