Smoking reduces sperm count and sperm motility

smoking affects sperm countMost men are aware of the injurious effect of smoking on their well being. Scientific experiments and statistics have shown that smokers lose an average of 10-15 years from their life expectancy.

It is a well known fact that smoking increases the risk of cancer, cardio vascular diseases (heart diseases), strokes etc. Smoking also affects sexual life and fertility health of men. Smoking diminishes lung capacity and impairs blood circulation. This has a negative impact of men’s sexual and reproductive health.

Various studies and statistics have shown that smoking reduces quality and quantity of sperm. Sperm count and sperm motility is lower in smokers than non smokers. Smoking leads to increased count of dead and malformed sperms. Medical research has consistently shown that smoking affect health of sperms and also stops union of sperm with egg. Even the motility or forward movement of sperm is reduced in men who smoke. Smoking increases abnormality in shape and function of sperms. Tobacco reduces the quality of seminal fluid. Seminal fluid contains essential nutrient to keep sperms healthy.

Another important finding of scientific studies is that smoking can damage genetic pattern of sperm. This genetic malformation is passed on to offspring. Genetic malformation also leads to miscarriages. Children who have inherited genetic deformity from their father who smokes, are more susceptible to cancer .

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