7 Best Soft Dates or Khajur Available Online in India

Fresh juicy dates are high in nutrition and are very beneficial for health. The high fibre content in this fruit helps to improve digestion, relieve constipation and also manage blood cholesterol level. Dates are rich in minerals like copper and iron which help in improving haemoglobin level, hair health, skin health and male fertility. They are rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin D which aids in maintaining robust health of bones, teeth and skin. The total nutrients and sugar present in this fruit, boost energy instantly and manage heart health. Dates also known as “kharjura” in ayurveda and are considered as “Vrushya and Vajikara” as they help men in overcoming erectile dysfunction and low sperm count and motility. This is true because dates contain plenty of potassium which is very important for sexual health of men.

7 Best Soft Dates or Kahjur Available Online in India

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 # 1 Lagom Saudi Safawi Dates (Khajoor), 1Kg

# 2 Nuticious All Natural Premium Medjool Dates

# 3 Happilo Premium International Omani Dates, 250 gm (Pack of 5)

# 4  Molsi’s Kimia Dates, 1kg ( 500g x 2 )

# 5 Dry Fruit Hub Kimia or Mazafati Dates 400gms,

# 6 Flyberry Gourmet Halawi Dates (Khajoor) Dry Fruits, 200g


How to Use Dates in Different Health Conditions ?

Here are few home remedies with dates for various health conditions.

In constipation

Soak 6-7 dates in a cup of water overnight and consume these in morning along with water. The fibers in these fruits boost motility of intestines.

To boost sexual health and fertility in men

Remove seeds of 7 to 8 soft dates. Fry these in a tea spoon of pure ghee. Boil this with one glass of milk, ¼ glass of water, few strands of Saffron or Keshar for 3 minutes. Add small cardamom powder and allow this to cool. Enjoy this “Kharjura ksheera paka” or Dates with milk everyday night before going to bed.

To improve haemoglobin

Pregnant women, recuperating patients, growing kids, aged persons experience low haemoglobin level. In these conditions they can consume around ten soft dates per day as they are high in iron.

In diabetes , high cholesterol level and weight loss.

These fruits are high in sugar. But this does not mean people suffering from diabetes should shun these from diet. Diabetics can eat 2 to 3 of these dates to reap the benefits. Same holds good for people who are on a weight loss program. These can be eaten as mid morning or evening snack.

How to Store Soft Dates

Usually soft dates have a shelf life of 7 to 8 months. Once opened transfer these to a zip lock pouch or air tight container and store in refrigerator. Don’t forget to Store in a cool, hygienic and dry place, away from direct sunlight and strong odor

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