Ayurvedic Treatment for Cracked Heels / Feet

Cracked heels or heel fissures is caused by imbalance of vata which leads to drying of skin on heels. It is a common beauty problem. But ayurveda has very effective treatment for this.

Cracked heels are one of the most common beauty problems caused by drying of skin. The desire to wear attractive foot wear will remain just that with cracked heels. Cracked heels are also referred to as heel fissures. When these fissures are deep they may bleed and become painful. Some times they may also get infected.

Cracks or fissures usually appear on outer edges of heels when the skin on these parts is dry and thick.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Cracked heals

ayurveda treatment for cracked foot, ayurvedic treatment for cracked heels

Ayurveda classifies cracked heels under “kshudra rogas” (common diseases without much complications) and explains the causes and remedies for cracked heels.

What causes cracked heels?

According to ayurveda  the cracked heel is caused by vitiation of Vata dosha. Due to vitiation of vata the skin becomes dry, rough and  fissured.

Walking bare foot for long distances vitiates vata  causing cracked heels.

Dry and cold weather increases vayu in body and may cause cracks on the heels. The same weather conditions worsen the already present cracks or fissures on heels.

Usually the process of sweating keeps our skin moist and soft. Absence of or inactive sweat glands cause dryness of skin. Vitiated vata dries up sweat glands.

People who have dry skin tend to develop cracked heels easily.

Continued pressure on feet causes cracking of skin on heels. This may be due to prolonged standing or over weight.

Thin soled shoes, Open backed shoes, heel spurs, Surgery of lower extremities, flat feet, high arched feet and diseases like psoriasis, eczema etc also cause fissured heels.

Self care and ayurvedic remedies for cracked heels

ayurveda treatment for cracked foot, ayurvedic treatment for cracked heels

Avoid thin soled shoes or footwear and open backed shoes.

Use  pumice stone bars to remove thick, dead skin of heels.

Apply medicated herbal balm which keeps the skin of heels soft and closes fissures.

Liberal application of herbal moisturizing lotion keeps your feet soft and attractive.

The skin of feet lacks oil glands. Hence apply herbal moisturizing lotion before going to bed and put on cotton socks. This tip helps to maintain the softness of skin of heels.

Adopt a weight loss strategy and reduce body weight. Do not stand for a long time.

Never cut hard edges of fissures with blade, scissors or razor.

Diabetic patients should immediately consult their physician if the fissures persist for a long time and show color changes.

A regular foot bath and foot massage helps to keep the skin on heals healthy and soft.

Adopt vata balancing strategies for dry skin.

Make it a habit to balance vata dosha on daily basis.

10 effective Ayurveda herbal home remedies for Painful cracked heels
  1. Reduce intake of sugar and sweets. Jaggery can be used if sweet is inevitable.
  2. Avoid refined flours like Maida and corn flour.
  3. Stop using sour foods. Lemon and amla are exception. Lemon juice or dry amla (Emblica Officinalis can be used whenever needed).
  4. Cooked tomato, Potato and Brinjal (egg plant) have to be kept at bay.
  5. Add garlic and Onion in your recipes as they have very good anti inflammatory properties.
  6. Use cow ghee, butter and sesame oil whenever cooking needs greasing.
  7. Welcome sprouted legumes, green peas and ginger on your plate.
  8. Mix Jatyadi Taila and Ashwagandha taila in equal quantity. Warm this mixed oil and massage it on cracked heel and foot before going to bed. Cover the foot with non absorbent polythene sheet and wear socks. Wash this off next day morning with luke warm water and mild soap.
  9. Always wear cotton socks to aid good air circulation.
  10. Wear soft heeled slippers.

Anna w Smith recommends the following treatments

Moisturizing cream: Can be prescribed by your podiatrist in keeping the area moisturized.
Warm water: The use of this natural cure allows you to soak your feet that can help in rehydration
Exfoliators: These can also be used in order to peel off dead skin to reveal newer and healthier skin.
Foot spa: Foot scrubbers used at home or at beauty spas can remove thick, unwanted skin by smoothing out calluses.
Strapping: This can be used to heal painful cracks on the heels.
Consult an expert: Everything can be done fast and effective by means of asking for professional advice; most especially with regards to the right cure and how to prevent cracked heels from persistently coming back.

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