Ayurvedic Spices to Lower Blood Sugar Level in Diabetes

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Ayurvedic Spices to Lower Blood Sugar Level in Diabetes

Spices that Help to Control Blood Sugar Level

Texts of ayurveda recommend various kitchen spices like cinnamon, amla, turmeric, ginger etc to lower blood sugar level in diabetes.

There are many natural spices and herbs studied to help control blood sugar level in diabetes. Most of these spices were passed down from generation to generation, and they are still in use nowadays.

List of Ayurvedic kitchen spices which lower blood sugar level in diabetes

One of the diseases that have been favoured in term of treatment with the aid of these spices is diabetes. Based on the American Diabetes Association, the range of fasting blood sugar levels for diabetic patients stands between 70 and 130 mg/dL.

This disease is one of the chronic diseases that affect both men and women. Men who suffer from diabetes also suffer from erectile dysfunction, low sperm count and low sperm motility. Women with PCOS or PCOD have a tendency to get diabetes.

These spices are beneficial to diabetes patients by improving and control blood sugar, reduce blood pressure, inflammation, and enhance improvement in lipid and cholesterol (Read Increased cholesterol and Erectile dysfunction )status. These herbs and spices are equipped with essential nutrients to help diabetic patients (Read How to Increase Stamina for Diabetic Men ). These benefits will be discussed in this article to enlighten our valuable readers on the need to incorporate these herbs and spices in their diabetic diets to prevent and control blood sugar levels.

Benefits of spices in diabetes

High blood sugar associated with the diabetic disease has been controlled by some traditional herbs found in many parts of Indian and were inherited from past generations to offer so many benefits. Below are the spices and herbs as they are discussed:


It is an aromatic spice extracted from the bark of cinnamon trees. It contains numerous antioxidants and was rated second highest in antioxidant content among other spices. Many clinical studies have confirmed the benefits of cinnamon in lowering blood sugar and sensitising insulin. This spice also helps in weight loss and is considered as a powerful fat burner. Though there has been mixed reactions to its effect, however, cinnamon has been proven to curb blood sugar by reducing the resistance of insulin to help diabetic conditions.

Cinnamon for Blood Sugar Diabetes

The studies showed that some doses of cinnamon were administered in capsules to diabetic patients for 40 days and there were improvements in both bad LDL cholesterol and blood sugar levels. However, there is a reservation on the consumption of cinnamon especially in people with liver problems. Cassia cinnamon spice, for instance, contains some unhealthy substance known as coumarin usually found in many other plants. This substance has been studied to be toxic and harmful to the liver. So, before taking cinnamon spices, consult your doctor. Aside all this, cinnamon spice helps lower blood sugar, as well as helps in the treatment of diabetes (Read Natural Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction in Diabetes ).


This herb is another aromatic plant studied to help lower blood sugar level. It is one of the major medicinal spices of curries and as well as other Indian recipes. Fenugreek seeds are equipped with many minerals such as calcium, zinc, magnesium, manganese, potassium, selenium, iron, and copper, and also vitamins such as riboflavin, vitamin A, vitamin C, thiamin, niacin, folic acid, and pyridoxine.

Fenugreek or methi seeds for Blood Sugar Diabetes

They are popular for their capability to help people with diabetes (Read Ayurvedic Treatment for Diabetes ) by lowering their blood sugar levels. Fenugreek spice contains fiber that helps regulate sugar and carbohydrates absorption by slowing down digestion process; thereby enhance and regulate the body the way it uses sugar. The seeds have been beneficial in Chinese traditional medicine and Ayurvedic medicine.


Many researchers have shown that ginger spices are rich in gingerols and capable of increasing glucose uptake into muscle cells without absorbing insulin. This has helped in the management of blood sugar level. Zingiber Officinalis, as it is usually called, is one of the key ingredients in Indian recipes and foods.

Turmeric or Haldi for Blood Sugar Diabetes

Ginger is known for its medicinal properties such as anti-inflammatory, digestive agent, and anti-nausea ability to benefit many health conditions. It is studied to improve insulin sensitivity, cholesterol and reduce oxidation. In the experiment carried out on rats, it showed that ginger induces diabetes with its blood-sugar-lowering effects and insulin resistance.


Turmeric (Read Ayurveda Medicinal Properties of Turmeric (Haldi) ) is a medicinal herb derived from Curcuma longa root belonging to the ginger family. Turmeric spice offers many medicinal benefits and part of the advantages is to lower the blood sugar level and has also been helpful to many diabetic conditions.

Turmeric or Haldi for Blood Sugar Diabetes

It is widely employed in Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine since ancient days as a powerful anti-inflammatory and as a detoxification medicine. Apart from these functions, turmeric also improves insulin response to help diabetic conditions. It has been researched to reduce signals related to inflammation in diabetes.

Turmeric or Haldi for Blood Sugar Diabetes


It is a well-known fruit in the Indian gooseberry tree for controlling blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. Alma (Read Home remedies with amla or Indian gooseberry ) is rich in chromium mineral that controls carbohydrate metabolism; thereby helps the body to respond to insulin. Amla juice helps the body to utilize blood glucose efficiently.

Amla for Blood Sugar Diabetes


This is a small seed usually added to Indian dishes like curries. Cumin has earthy, nutty, and pungent flavor, adding aroma to the foods. It is equipped with magnesium, calcium antioxidant, and iron.Ayurvedic medicine uses cumin to prevent many diseases such as blood sugar management and to improve digestion. Cumin seeds (Commending Cumin seeds )supplement taking along with diabetes medications is capable of lower the level of blood sugar in the body to less than 70 mg/dL.

Cumin or jeera for Blood Sugar Diabetes


The roles and health benefits of some of the Indian spices in lowering blood sugar cannot be overemphasized. These spices do not only reduce the blood sugar but also treat and prevent other symptoms and conditions associated with diabetes. Bad cholesterol, insulin sensitivity, and many other inflammatory signals are addressed with the use of these spices.

Adding them as part of your ingredients to your diet goes a long way in enjoying their health benefits. Cinnamon, fenugreek, ginger, turmeric, amla, cumin, and other Ayurvedic spices are equipped with numerous properties to lower blood sugar level. However, it is important to consult your medical health care personnel before you embark on any of the natural treatments if you are currently taking some medications. This will help in tackling any side effects that may occur in the treatment process. There have been many successes in the usage of these spices and it is never late to incorporate them in diet. Do everything in moderation.

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