Testimonials from our customers

Testimonials from our customers

Genital Herpes kit – Testimonials

Dear Dr.Savitha Suri,
I am so happy to inform you that I have taken a one month course of your herbal medicines for the treatment of genital Herpes. Mine was a very chronic condition with almost continuous eruptions without a break. After using your medicines I am happy to state that there has been no outbreak for the last one month. I look forward to continuing the treatment and hope to have a permanent cure. I wish you all the very best in your wonderful efforts.
Warm regards.

Dear doctor
Thank you very much for your quick reply and supply. Your herpes kit has has really worked very well. The span between the attack has definitely increased and the severity of attacks has lessened.

Dear Doctor
I have taken take full five months course of medicine for genital herpes for last five months as per your advice .
And also I have completed 2 more months medications with tapering dosage as advised by you.Now Genital herpes has completely cured and the affected areas are completely back to normal and skin eruptions have fully stopped and no more outbreaks and symptoms are not shown in the body .

Testimonials for Erectile dysfunction, increase sperm count and increase libido

Dear doctor,
I have been taking the medicines as per ur instructions and the effect seems to be good. 1) I am having better erection but, I feel good after applying the oil. So I am applying twice a day. Is there any problem 2) The quantity of semen has also increased.
Sambith India

Hi Dr Suri
I would like to commend your medicines. I had been suffering from severe sexual dysfunction. After 3 months treatment i have regained the confidence. Living in the US i have tried so many medicines which have not been as effective as your treatment. I highly recommend this treatment to anyone suffering from any sexual dysfunction. God bless Dr Suri for his help to mankind.
kunal Thakur, account manager, USA

Your products and services are very good .

Dr. Savitha Suri,
First of all, I need to share a good news with you. My wife has conceived and she is 35 days pregnant. Many thanks to you and I wish you success in your all assignments. May god bless you with curative persons.
Your medicines are good. In fact, the main effect is found from the herbal oil & leham (which has been given to increase quality & quantity of semen). This leham made all the difference for me. I found this leham very effective. This course is very good. Please prescribe the leham (which has been given to increase quality & quantity of semen) along with your other std. items.
With regards
Rajesh, Bangalore
(Rajesh has been treated for primary infertility and was treated with a complete course of Vajikarana Therapy)

Hello Doctor
Thanks for your ayurvedic preperation..I was suffering from Erectyle dysfunction and was very much stressed out of life..After using ur medicines for cpl of months i have seen a considerable improvement in erection and Libido.
You made my life happy and i thank u once agian.I would suggest my frnds about your medicines

Dear Dr. Suri:
My order for the Men’s Golden Herbal Kit arrived last week. The results were practically immediate and quite dramatic – just as you described. It is my plan to continue with the treatment for the full 90 days, as prescribed.
However, there is one issue that is affecting this condition. I have suffered from chronic prostatitis on and off for 14 years (am 40 years old now). An onset came on Sunday, but has mostly dissipated. It’s something that I’ve
lived with, but has never been cured. Antibiotics only offer temporary relief, if that much. Can you recommend any ayurvedic treatments or anything else through the website to help?
Thank you,

Hi Dr. Krishna Suri Sir,
This is Suresh Here From Bangalore. I would like to tell You that the Wonder Drug that You Provided Me while I was suffering from Erectile Dysfunction(ED) has come to me as a Magical Formula. As a Result of which the Relationship with my wife had greatly Improved within the Last 18 months. I need to also tell You That I was Blessed with a Baby Girl in June 2007 To begin with, I am Suresh & I am an IT Professional Based out of Bangalore. I suffered with severe Erectile Dysfunction without Myself knowing about this Grave Problem.I was Married on April 2005 & later on I came to know about this Issue. As a result, I did my Initial Medical Check Ups Here in Bangalore & I was diagnoised with Mild Left Vericocele. I consulted a Few Urologists who said that I needed to Undergo a Varicose Surgery to Correct this Defect. I also underwent this Surgery but that did not solve this Grave Problem.Then by God’s grace, I searched the Net where I found AurHelp.com Website in Google & From Then onwards My Fortunes Have Changed. I contacted Dr. Krishna Suri & Savitha Madam along with My Wife & Briefed them about our Problems. They were Quick to React & analysed My Problem & came out with a Course of 3 months & which I continued for 6 Months which resulted to total Defect Correction. As I said before after this Medicine, I was able to recover & I was blessed with Baby Girl last Months. Hence I express my Sincere thanks to these Couples who are Guiding a Large number of Patients Like Us in Resolving This Type of Problems, Thanks Once Again Doctor.

Dear Doctor
Thanks for your medicine which proved very effective. It worked very well.
Dilip , Kolkata

Dear madam,
Thanks for the medicines sent to me 3 months back. My semen analysis shows vast improvement ( from 20 million to 60 million). I need medicines for another one month to begin with.
Regards , Krishnan, Chennai, India

good morning doctor.
actually i am enjoying my sexual life in better way.because of you,The oil and pills are really effective.
doctor after applying the oil to penis i did the sex two times a day.
thanks once again.
prasad. India

Dear Doctor
As per your advise , I took medicines to increase libido.There was improvement during this one month. First of all I thank and praise my lord Jesus Christ for giving you wisdom and knowledge to prescribe, prepare and treat me with such wonderful and miraculous medicines. I would like to thank you doctors for treating me with such wonderful medicines and miraculous medicines.

this is Narendra let me tel you i am happy that your medicins are working , I want Increase Libidio kit for one more moth.

Dear Dr.Savitha Suri,
We were not having any issues after about four years of our marriage. I was suffering from erectile dysfunction, low libido and premature ejaculation. I was thinking that life for me, especially getting a child, is going to be very much impossible. I came across your website and read about the different Ayurvedic treatments provided by you and Dr. Krishna.R.S. I also read few articles written by both of you on the web. I got immense confidence by then itself and contacted you over telephone.
Within the first three months of treatment itself, there was huge improvement. Now with God’s grace and with the help of your treatment, my wife has conceived. I must say that your medicines did wonders for me. But I never thought that your treatment would be very effective within such a short time. I also prayed Lord Dhanvantiri throughout the course of my treatment. We will never forget you in our life. Now, we are waiting for the arrival of the new member of our family! Such a great feeling!!
I must also say that your treatment is very affordable. To let you know frankly, when I approached few other doctors, I was asked for lakhs and lakhs of rupees. I really appreciate you have been very very nominal and extremely supportive. You are very realistic about the varying time frames for cure for different patients. It is much appreciated. We pray God to give you all powers to provide such extraordinary support to human life for ever.
Thanking you, Mahesh , UK

Miracle Treatment

Dear my Doctor Krishna Joshi Rao,

Most of the time my parents were telling “DOCTOR’S are like GOD”.
In my real life also it is proved that “DOCTOR’S ARE GOD”.
I was very disappointed because of my wife not able to conceive since from 2.5 years.
For this i have took many medicine from Homoeopathy and Allopathy as well but result was not in good remark.
But when i enquiry about Ayurvedic medicine in Mysore i came to know that Dr Krishna Joshi Rao is giving a treatment for male infertility. When i enquire with him, Dr guided me and make me a confidence.
When I start taking a medicine since 5 months now my wife is conceived. I feel very Happy and not able to express any thing at that moment, even my family members also become very very Happy. Thank you doctor once again.

Vinod Khatokar  [email protected]