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Sure, everyone wants to remain young as long as possible. We want to look younger and fresh even as we are aging. There is nothing bad in aspiring to look more youthful and younger every day, and this is achievable without stress.

Getting older with younger look does not require expensive trainer or surgery. You can achieve this goal by some healthy lifestyles and disciplines. Some experts have shown some daily lifestyles and activities such as exercise, de-stress, good sleep, diet, and meditation to be helpful.

Tips to look young

Though you should accept the old age symptoms and all other attributes associated with old age, there is a way you can cheat the nature by looking younger by day and make the best of yourself. The point is that, if you want to pay attention to the way you look, you must prepare to adjust and discipline yourself in your way of life. Some daily activities such as your sleeping habits, exercise regime, emotional balance, stress levels, and as well as your skin care routine have a significant impact on your appearance.

Dr. Nick Lowe, a popular cosmetic dermatologist, usually says “carefully choose your parents.” He further states that “how we age and look largely determined by 50% of our genes and that you have so much to do to alter what is in store for you by your genes.”

This article has discussed some of these steps to take to change the way you look as you are getting old. However, below suggestions may not suddenly make you younger overnight. It is a gradual process, and you have to incorporate them in your lifestyles and get used to them.

5 Natural Ways to Look Younger

Many people have been trying to devise means to ever staying younger and healthier. Recent research has shown a good idea of what can be done to achieve a more youthful look. Below is a list of 5 natural ways to play smart on the aging process and look young:

  • Regular exercise

Some studies have shown that regular exercise is capable of slowing down the aging process and make you appear youthful. Regular exercise tends to ward off the loss of muscle, help you sleep well and enhance your general state of health. However, you have to avoid exercise mistakes that can prove otherwise. Most of the exercises we do, mean to make you look young. Some activities such as cardiovascular exercise, strength training, muscles resistance exercise, or taking a Pilates class, and much more help you look young. The best exercise to look young is regular brisk walk for minutes daily.  Regular exercises boost libido and is the best remedy for erectile dysfunction in men

Regular strength training can increase strength, boost metabolism, help to reduce body weight (Read ayurvedic remedies for healthy weight loss  ) and improve balance; thereby enhance your youthful appearance.

exercises to look young

Pilates also prevent your body from hunching over to help you stand straight and give you more strength to move about. Regular exercise tends to improve your posture, boost your core strength and serves as an anti-aging move to look younger.

  • Healthy diet

Try as much as possible to avoid unhealthy food. To look young, your body needs healthy nutrients. If you have a muscle loss, it can result in loss of balance and strength, and speed up aging process. Studies have shown that lean muscle mass comprises of protein and you can get this essential nutrient in your diet to build and keep your muscle fit.

According to Palinski Wade, “unrefined muscle in the body may lead to sagging skin, looser appearance, and makes you look older than your actual age. However, research has recommended plant protein for healthy diet other than a lot of meat.

best diet to look young

Also, excessive salt and added sugars intake can cause inflammation in the body, and this can hasten aging process because inflammation can generate enzymes that leads to collagen breakdown in the skin. This later result in acceleration of the aging process and aged appearance.

Regular detoxification of body also improves young looks. Detoxification can be aided with a simple recipe of warm water, ½ lime and 2 tea spoon of honey. This health shot not only detoxifies your body but also help to reduce body weight. ( Read Do Lemon And Honey Reduce Body Fat ?  )Make it a habit to use raw ginger (Read Ayurveda Health Benefits of Ginger ) and turmeric (Read Ayurveda Medicinal Properties of Turmeric (Haldi)) in smoothies and juices to load your body with antioxidants.

  • Say no to stress

Stress is studied to age your cells, and this affects your overall appearance. You can help this situation with lifestyle changes such as stress management and efforts to avoid stress as much as possible. ( Read Effect of stress on our body and tips to reduce stress ) Many people unnecessarily stress themselves through conflict and unconcerned matters. Making every effort to reduce stress helps you shut off stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline, and trigger your natural body painkillers known as endorphins for more youthful and freshen look. Stress can also cause low libido in both men and women (Read Stress and Erectile dysfunction )

Stress has always been one of the significant factors that contribute to faster aging process as well as the real culprit of disease, illness, and poor reasoning ability. The old work ethic was that, you could get everything you want and be fulfilled by undergoing stress as much as possible. This is a wrong choice. Stress does worse than good you are thinking.

stress makes you look old

You can choose to manage stress and live a stress-free life, to achieve your goal of look young. Relax your mind and be happy always no matter the condition. “Health is wealth” and you can enjoy it by preserving your body, looking younger and healthy.

  • Get enough sleep

Sleep is the most regenerating remedy of the body and it determines how you look. This sometimes termed “beauty rest.” Your body requires about 7 – 9 hours to repair and rejuvenate your body’s cells, and thereby promoting your looking younger. According to a sleep expert, Richard Shane, “poor quality sleep or lack of sleep tends to dehydrate your skin, improves deeper and visible wrinkles, and has an adverse effect on the way you look and feel.”

get good sleep to look young

The production of collagen increases during beauty rest and this helps boost the flow of blood and prevent skin sagging so you can look younger and better. Our growth hormone is more active only at night, and if you deny yourself of this quality sleep, you prevent the hormone from functioning. (Read Ayurvedic Remedies for Insomnia (Sleep Disorder) )

  • Meditation

A study suggests that regular meditation can lower the levels of the stress hormone known as cortisol (that contributes to faster aging process). A regular session of deep breathing promotes clearer mind to handle your stress level better throughout the day.

meditation to look young

This lifestyle is simple and convenient. You only need to separate a quiet place whether on a padded cushion or in a cozy chair, or even in your bed to practice first thing before you start your day. A simple deep breathtaking through your nose and hold for a count of five and slowly release it through your mouth helps you a lot in your quest to reduce stress, adjusting hormonal factors, improving your well-being, and look younger.


Practices involving in looking younger can be fun and easy. You don’t need to exhaust all your hard earned money on buying beauty creams and undergoing surgeries before you achieve a younger appearance. This article has shown that it can be achieved through natural ways. Try the above five natural practices and check out how you look over time. You can thank me later for the great result afterward.

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