Tips to reduce cholesterol and keep erectile dysfunction at Bay

can high cholesterol cause erectile dysfunction, high cholesterol and erectile dysfunction, cholesterol ayurvedaMany researches have shown that high cholesterol causes erectile dysfunction. Cholesterol is a waxy, fat-like substance. When level of bad cholesterol or LDL increases in blood it forms plaque in arteries and hinder normal blood flow. When the lumens of tiny arteries supplying blood to male organ are blocked by these plaques, the normal flow of blood suffers. Inefficiency in blood supply causes weak erections or no erections. Hence physicians advice to follow healthy diet and lifestyle to keep blood cholesterol under control.

Here are tips which help in erectile dysfunction and also aid to reduce cholesterol.

  1. Low fat Dairy Products : Dairy products are recommended by ayurveda acharyas to increase libido and keep erectile dysfunction at bay. Consuming low fat dairy products help to reduce blood cholesterol and also increase sexual energy. Butter milk and zero fat milk are ideal dairy products to fight both conditions.
  2. Chose meat products carefully:  Texts of ayurveda advice healthy meat diet to prevent erectile dysfunction.  Hence avoid fatty cuts of beef, pork, and lamb. Cut off fat and skin from meats and poultry. Reduce portion of meat in your diet.
  3. Include Fruits and Vegetables: Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. These supply nutrients which keep heart healthy and ensure good supply of blood to male reproductive system. Fruits and vegetables like mango, banana, drumsticks, ashgourd, onion etc are eulogized by ayurveda acharyas for their aphrodisiac properties.
  4. Include moderate amount of dry fruits or nuts- . Nuts like almonds, raisins, dates help to supply good amount of energy and fiber. Little quantity of these fills the stomach and prevent over eating. In Vajikarana chapter (the chapter which deals with sexual energy and stamina of men) of ayurveda nuts have special place as aphrodisiac ingredients.
  5. Drink plenty of water.
  6. Avoid over eating, deep fried foods, saturated fats like palm oil and coconut oil.
  7. Exercise well : The importance of maintaining healthy weight is emphasized by ayurveda acharyas. Vyayama or exercises are recommended to maintain healthy blood supply. Exercises help tremendously to reduce weight and cholesterol. Walking is the best exercise. It reduces weight and improves blood circulation

High cholesterol and erectile dysfunction have a delicate link which cannot be neglected. Hence eat healthy to enjoy a healthy sexual life.

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