Top Ayurvedic Foods That Boost Testosterone Level and Libido

The mineral zinc helps naturally to produce male hormone. Eating foods which are rich in zinc help to boost testosterone and libido. But these ayurvedic foods that boost testosterone level and libido should be consumed regularly.

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Shukra dhatu and Testosterone – An ayurveda View

Ayurvedic Foods That Boost Testosterone Level and Libido

Shukra dhatu and Testosterone – An ayurveda View

The male hormone testosterone is responsible for all male characters like production of healthy sperms, good libido, body hair, moustache, well built muscle etc. A person having good amount of testosterone, will have strong big muscles, less body fat, more energy and good sexual function. The level of this hormone can be well maintained using certain foods. Here is a list of foods which act as supplements to help naturally to boost testosterone level.

Texts of Ayurveda also mention about male hormones which are responsible for strong male characters. This factor is known as Shukra dhatu. Shukra dhatu in men is responsible for normal sexual function, healthy sperms, gaining strong muscles, glowing skin, moustache and beard. Any imbalance in shukra dhatu can cause low testosterone level, erectile dysfunction, low sperm count and motility, obesity etc.

Ayurvedic Foods That Boost Testosterone Level and Libido

Hence ayurveda acharyas recommend foods to strengthen and nourish shukra dhatu. Strong and healthy shukra dhatu increases testosterone.

The level of this hormone can be well maintained using shukra dhatu nourishing  foods. Here is a list of best foods which act as testosterone boosters. Ayurveda vaidyas opine that the intake of these foods help to activating the production of testosterone.

Milk fortified with Vitamin D:

Fortified milk supplies good amount of vitamin D which is needed in synthesis of this male hormone. Texts of ayurveda recommend milk to increase shukra dhatu in men. As mentioned earlier shukra dhatu in men represent testosterone. Milk and milk products are best foods available in India which naturally help in building testosterone.

Ghee or clarified butter :

Ayurveda acharyas emphasize on consumption of ghee as it is a healthy fat which supports production of hormone. Ghee is eulogised as shukrala or the one which improves shukra dhatu. 2 tea spoons or 10 ml of ghee per day ( spread over a day ) is the recommended dosage.

Curd or Yogurt :

Unsweetened Curd or yogurt is recommended by Ayurveda vaidyas to improve male hormones. Curd also known as Dhadhi and is recommended for men who have low body weight and energy. Curd is enriched in nutrients which can be easily absorbed by digestive system. This can be used as shukra dhatu enhancing food which in turn help as stimulating food to boost testosterone. Curd should be consumed only in day time. Take care not to add honey to curd or boil curd. This boosts male hormones and strengthens shukra dhatu to improve testosterone level.


Beans are plant based protein foods and are heart healthy. They are rich in Vitamin D and zinc. Thus beans are great foods which can be included in testosterone boosting diet. Black beans, kidney beans and white beans can be used regularly. Beans are super foods which support production of male hormones.(Do not consume soya bean if you want to boost testosterone level).


Grapes are eulogized as aphrodisiac (Vrishya) by ayurveda acharyas. Eating a bunch of grapes daily helps to boost sperm motility and testosterone level. Dry grapes or raisins are also very helpful for men to improve their masculinity.


Pomegranates are power packed with antioxidants. Recent research has shown that increased consumption of antioxidants boost testosterone level. Apart from this texts of ayurveda describe pomegranates as “Shukrala” or the fruit which increases quality and quantity of semen.


Studies have shown that garlic when supplied with protein supplements boost testosterone level. Ayurveda vaidyas opine that garlic can be a natural herbal home remedy for erectile dysfunction.


Nuts and dry fruits like walnuts, almond, cashew nuts , raisins etc are rich in monounsaturated fats. Consume these daily to increase the testosterone level. Use unsalted version of these.Consume 5 numbers of each of these nuts per day.


Sunflower and sesame seeds are high in monounsaturated fats, vitamin E and Zinc. These ayurvedic oils are needed to boost testosterone level. Sesame oil is strongly recommended in texts of Ayurveda for its invaluable medicinal properties. When sesame oil is processed with aphrodisiac herbs it makes best oil for pennis massage in erectile dysfunction.


Egg yolk contains cholesterol and Vitamin D. Both these nutrients are very essential for testosterone production. Men can safely eat one egg per day. But never attempt to eat more than three eggs a day.


Tuna is a sea fish food which is rich in Vitamin D and protein. It is good to heart and low in calories. All these facts help to boost testosterone level.


Zinc is a vital nutrient needed for synthesis of male hormone. Oysters are rich in this nutrient and help to bolster the levels of male hormone.

The above mentioned foods can be used as number one (#1) testosterone boosting foods.

Author : Dr. Savitha Suri Consultant Ayurvedic Physician

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