Types of erectile dysfunction

 ayurveda, erectile dysfunction causes, impotence ayurveda treatment. Acharya charaka explains the causes of erectile dysfunction or klaibya in chikitsa sthana.   Imbalance and Vitiation of shukra dhatu causes erectile dysfunction or Klaibya.  When we go through texts of ayurveda , we can conclude that Shukra dhatu is a collective word which represents both testosterone and semen. Based on vitiation of shukra dhatu , the condition erectile dysfunction is explained as follows.

  1. Bijopaghataja Klaibya –  This type of impotence is caused due to reduction in quality of semen. When male reproductive system is deprived of essential nutrients the quality of semen or shukra suffers.
  2. Dhvajabhangaja klaibya –  When tissues of male reproductive system undergo degeneration or experience trauma , men experience “dhvajabhangaja Klaibya” .  Numerous causes like chronic diseases,  hunger, trauma to penile tissues etc can cause this type of erectile dysfunction.
  3. Jaraja Klaibya – Physiologically men experience erectile dysfunction as they age.  Age related tissue degeneration, reduced production of semen, decreased nutritional status etc are contributing factors for jaraja klaibya.
  4. Shukra kshayaja  Klaibya – When men indulge in excessive sexual activities like repeated intercourses, masturbation etc they lose more quantity of semen or shukra. Thus increased loss of semen leads to erectile dysfunction.

Acharya Charaka describes few common symptoms of impotence. They are inability to complete the sexual act, dyspnoea, perspiration, loss of erection and looseness of sexual organ.

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