Vajikarana Foods – Prepare at Home

vajikarana foodsTexts of ayurveda recommend numerous herbal preparations to increase libido of men. These preparations are known as Vajikarana preparations.  They help to increase quality and quantity of semen also. Herbs like Onion, tribulus terrestris  (gokshura), kapikacchu, ashwagandha etc, are used in these preparations .  Here are two such recipes which help as herbal remedy for erectile dysfunction

Recipe -1:

Sitaphalandu rasa – “Sita” means sugar . Phalandu is onion. The preparation made from Sugar and onion is “Sitaphalandu rasa”. Mix sugar, honey, milk, ghee and juice of honey in a container and stir it well. The preparation is ready to consume.  According to Yogaratnakara consumption of this helps to increase body strength and slows down aging process. Its effectiveness is so good that it makes even an aged man to get strength of a youngster.

Recipe – 2:

Gokshura Churna:-  Gokshura or Tribulus Terrestris is a known herbal aphrodisiac. Powder of gokshura has to be boiled in milk of goat. When it gets cooled honey has to be added before consumption. Consumption of this preparations increases strength and rectifies erectile dysfunction. Yogaratnakara recommends this recipe as a remedy for erectile dysfunction.

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