Weight loss cooking tips

weight loss cooking tips, ayurvedic weight loss cookingObesity has become a major health problem. This problem has to be addressed with a priority. Even though a help from health professional is needed to fight this condition, it is the efforts of an individual which counts in large. Major ailments like heart diseases, joint pain, elevated blood pressure, polycystic ovarian diseases, low sperm count, erectile dysfunction, diabetes etc surface when a person develops obesity. Health professionals advice to exercise regularly (to burn already accumulated fat) and to reduce calorie intake through diet. Here are few tips for healthy cooking which help to reduce adding extra calories to your recipe.

  1. •Steam vegetables instead of frying in oil. Let them be parboiled to keep the nutrients locked.
  2. •Use olive oil or rice bran oil to season the recipe.
  3. •Do not add oil to a salad.
  4. •Shallow fry food items than deep frying.
  5. •Always use nonstick cooking vessel which needs very less oil to cook.
  6. •Use jaggery (gur) or honey instead of refined sugar.
  7. •Use steamed sprouts, green salads for filling.
  8. •Prepare your own sauces at home without using preservatives.
  9. •Use whole cereals and grains to prepare breads, rotis and naans.
  10. •Use vegetable juices with mint and spices as appetizers instead of creamy soups.
  11. •Fruit salad with honey can be a best choice for desert.
  12. •Roast papads instead of deep frying them in oil.


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