What are the Causes and Symptoms of PCOD? An Ayurveda view.

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What are the Causes and Symptoms of PCOD? An Ayurveda view.

PCOD PCOS AyurvedaTexts of ayurveda explain symptoms of PCOS while explaining female infertility. Ayurveda acharyas recommend various ayurvedic kitchen herbs for PCOS or PCOD which can be effectively used to help in this condition

Polycystic ovarian disease or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is an abnormal health condition which occurs due to imbalance in female hormones estrogen and progesterone. This condition leads to growth of small cysts in ovaries. This condition affects fertility of women, menstrual cycle, heart problems and also alters the appearance. Millions of women globally suffer from this Disease.

Symptoms of PCOS or PCOD – An Ayurveda View

The symptoms of PCODs begin as soon as a girl begins to menstruate. The common symptoms which are experienced in this condition are as follows

  • Irregular Menstrual bleeding – The menstrual cycles are not regular. The gap between two menstrual cycles may be more than a PCOD PCOS Symptoms Ayurvedamonth or they may bleed intermittently in a span of 30 days. The volume of menstrual blood may be more (heavy periods or atyarthava in ayurveda) or may be low (scanty periods or alpartava in ayurveda).
  • Increased hair growth on upper lips, chest, stomach and chin – Since in PCOS the level of androgen is high the women tend to get hair growth just like men.
  • Decrease in breast size: The size of breast decreases since female hormone is less and male hormone is more in this condition.
  • Hoarse Voice: The delicate feminine voice gets deepened and cracked.
  • Thinning of hair : Women experience hair loss and hair thinning in PCOs
  • Acne: Women with PCOD suffer from acne and pimples.
  • Increase in body weight: Obesity and PCOs go hand in hand and form a vicious circle.
  • Mental anxiety and depression: Altered female hormones have potential effect on health of mind. Women suffering from PCOD often suffer from anxiety and depression.
  • Female infertility: PCOs cause female infertility. It is a major concern in present situation.

Causes of PCOD or PCOS- Ayurveda View

PCOD PCOS Causes AyurvedaModern View: Modern health experts are unable find the exact cause for PCOs. They believe that genetics and hormones play a role. If your mother or sister has PCOs then chances of you getting PCOD is more.

Testosterone also known as male hormone (androgen) is present in both men and women. Men secrete a lot of it and women secrete it in a very little quantity. Estrogen which is a female hormone is also present in both and follows the same path but vice versa. Women secrete more of oestrogen hormone and men secrete a very little amount. In women when level of androgen increases it imbalances the delicate balance between estrogen and progesterone. This may lead to PCOs which cause infertility in women

Increased level of insulin may also stimulate the excess secretion of male hormone in women.

Ayurvedic View: Texts of Ayurveda mention that shukra dhatu is present in both men and women. Shukra dhatu plays a very vital role in keeping the male and female reproductive system normal and healthy. Shukra dhatu can be considered as combination of androgen and estrogen. Any imbalnce in shukra dhatu can cause infertility in men and women.The ratio of composition of shukra dhatu is different for both genders. When doshas vitiate shukra dhatu in women the granthis (cysts) appear in andashaya or ovaries.

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