What Causes Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men

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What Causes Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men

Erectile Dysfunction in Young MenIt has become a regular scene in our clinical practice to daily witness two or three young men who are below 40 complaining about erectile dysfunction. These cases were rare ten years before. This makes us to ponder about the What causes erectile dysfunction in young males?.

The process of erection involves a series of events which comprises of signals and responses. Body tissues like nerves, blood vessels, skin, blood flow, brain stimulation, muscles etc are involved in these events. Any break in the series of events may cause ED.

The causes for erectile dysfunction in young men as observed in our clinical practice are listed below.

Stress: Stress is the main culprit. Young men undergo lot of stress at home and office. Financial, family and job stress hit these men. Continuous stress leads to release of bad stress hormones which cause fatigue and fatigue leads to ED. Stress also interfere with sleep. Loss of sleep is another cause for erectile dysfunction

According to texts of ayurveda stress causes undernourishment or drying of male reproductive tissues. This happens because hormones released due to stress impair digestion. Imapired digestion leads to indigestion which inturn causes production of ama (Ama is a sticky toxin which clogs vital channels which supply nourishment to tissues. Reduced supply of nutrients cause degeneration of dhatus which ultimately reduces production of shukra dhatu . (shukra dhatu is compared to semen). Apart from this stress hormones themselves prevent action of male hormones.

Hence as natural ayurvedic remedies for erectile dysfunction, texts of ayurveda recommend daily practice of meditation and Yoga. Meditation and Yoga help in reducing stress level and also one can handle stressful condition very well if they practice these two regimens.

Smoking: Young males are addicted to smoking. They might have started this with friends for enjoyment or started it to overcome stress. Smoking causes erectile dysfunction as it damages blood flow and lining of arteries. Smoking hastens the process of aging.

When a person smokes he inhales large amounts of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide deprives the voluntary muscles as well as vital organs such as brain, heart etc of oxygen. When these vital organs do not receive sufficient oxygen, they immediately lose their ability function efficiently and optimally. Principally, the heart has to work much harder to deliver oxygenated blood to all parts of the body. Naturally, this leads takes a toll on the supply of blood to the male genital organ as well. As full erection needs effective and optimum supply of blood, any inadequacy in blood supply leads to Erectile Dysfunction.

Obesity: Sedentary lifestyle, long working hours in office and junk foods have led to obesity in younger generation. Obesity leads to low testosterone level and reduced blood flow to male genital organ. Obesity also decreases libido. All these facts cause erectile dysfunction in young males.

A study which was conducted in 2001 – 2007 on 2000 men who complained of erectile dysfunction showed that loss of weight improved blood flow to male genital organ. Higher the degree of obesity lower was the blood flow to penis. In this study many obese men showed low level of testosterone. Testosterone is the principle sexual hormone in a male. Testosterone increases libido, blood flow, and energy. Apart from these various other researches show that there is a strong link between obesity and erectile dysfunction

Diabetes: More and more young men are becoming susceptible to diabetes. Hereditary, obesity and stress all these three factors are causing diabetes in young men. Diabetes is main cause for erectile dysfunction as it affects nerves and blood circulation.

Diabetes damages blood vessels and nerves (neuropathy) throughout body. When blood vessels and nerves which control erection, are damaged, they do not communicate properly and the blood flow to penis tissue is impaired. This causes erectile dysfunction.

According to ayurvedic text “ashtanga sangraha”, diabetes is caused due to vitiation of vata. pitta, kapha and rakta (blood). Vitiated doshas affect almost all tissues of body in diabetes. According to ayurveda the process of erection occurs due to involvement of vata, pitta and rakta . The process of erection will be normal when vata, pitta and rakta are in normal and balanced condition. Vitiated vata fails to cause normal flow of signals and arousal does not occur. Vitiated pitta and rakta fail to complete the process of blood flow to penis. Texts of ayurveda recommend simple natural ayurvedic treatments for erectile dysfunction due to diabetes.

High Blood Pressure: Obesity and stress leads to increased blood pressure making men hypertensive. Hypertension or increased blood pressure can cause erectile dysfunction.

Many researchers link Hypertension or High blood pressure with Erectile Dysfunction. Many theories attempt to explain this relationship scientifically. It is a known fact that High blood pressure injures small arterioles.

Researchers argue that this may be happening in penis also. When small blood vessels of penis get damaged, body tries to repair them. In this process the scar tissues may form on blood vessels reducing the elasticity of penile arteries. This hinders blood flow to spongy tissues of penis.
Apart from this High blood pressure affects Hormone balance and nitric acid levels. This may lead to erectile dysfunction. Few claim that erectile dysfunction is caused due to side effects of anti hypertensive medications used by patients.
Medications: Medications used for diabetes, increased cholesterol and high blood pressure can cause ED in young males.

It becomes very essential for young men to realise that the above mentioned causes can be detrimental to their sexual health. It is time to adopt healthy life styles to overcome this problem.

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