Who Can Use Aloe Vera – An Ayurvedic FAQ

Who Can Use Aloe Vera – An Ayurvedic FAQ
  1. Aloe Vera ayurvedic remedies , Aloe Vera ayurvedicDoes Ayurveda describe the medicinal properties of aloe Vera?

Yes, Texts of Ayurveda eulogize the plant aloe Vera for its immense medicinal qualities. It is called as “Kumari” due its usefulness in problems related to women.

  1. Can we use all parts of Aloe Vera?

You have to use only the juice of pulp after removing its external skin. The external skin contains the latex which may harm body and skin.

  1. What are its beneficial effects on skin?

The juice extracted from pulp has very good moisturising properties. Its application helps to keep dry skin soft.

It soothes the skin affected by psoriasis and prevents scaling.

The anti-aging effect of this plant is appreciated by skin specialist. External application of juice of this plant helps to prevent formation of wrinkles and makes the skin look young and youth full.

Aloe Vera reduces inflammation of skin caused by acne and pimples.

The fresh juice of aloe pulp gives a quick relief in burns and wounds.

  1. Can men with low sperm count use its juice?

The properties like cold potency, enhanced moistness and presence of nutrients help to boost shukra dhatu or semen. The sperm count and sperm motility improve with the consumption of this herb.

  1. Does this plant help in menstrual problems?

Yes, women who suffer with menstrual problems are very much benefited with the use of this herb. Ayurvedic preparation “Kumaryasava” helps to increase the menstrual flow and decrease the premenstrual symptoms.

  1. I have IBS can I use this herb?

No, Aloe Vera increases intestinal motility. This may exaggerate the symptoms of IBS. Also people who suffer from Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, or intestinal obstruction should never use this plant.

  1. Does this plant help in haemorrhoids or piles?

Ayurveda acharyas do not recommend this herb for people who suffer from piles or haemorrhoids.

  1. Is it useful in constipation?

Consumption of this herb increases intestinal motility and liquefies hard stools. These two properties together help body to fight constipation.

  1. Can this be consumed in pregnancy and lactation?

No this plant is not safe in pregnancy and lactation periods.

  1. What are its effects on people who have diabetes?

Aloe Vera has anti-diabetic properties. Hence diabetic patients are benefited by this plant.

  1. Does this help in people who have erectile dysfunction?

Aloe Vera helps in erectile dysfunction caused due to constipation. It is also beneficial in erectile dysfunction due to diabetes.

  1. Can this be given to children?

This should not be administered in children below 16 years of age.